YFFL Odds Makers!

Nick Wood & Bobby Sansone, Pardon the Impersonation

November 12, 2009

Sometimes you just need to look at the numbers when it comes to sorting out the YFFL. Lucky for us, Nick and Bobby are here to play a little Odds Makers! to make sense of the 2009 season after 9 weeks of action.

Visanthe Sansone "I don't know honey, I still think she looks like a 'Visanthe' to me..."

What are the the odds that Kevin names his expected child after one of his players? (regardless of gender)

NICK: 10% - It could be even higher (if it's a boy), but could be much much lower (if it's a girl), but when we place the "regardless of gender" factor in there, it makes it tough as the odds drastically decline if it is a girl. Kev, you need not be concerned, you've got a few choices on the rosters IF the baby is a girl:

Marion - Could tell Annie's friends that it is after your favorite movie, Robin Hood...just spelled differently.

Lee - Passes for a male or female.

Visanthe - I mean, no one will question because no one will be able to spell or pronounce this name anyhow.

Ramses - I could see it working, very celebrity-esque.

In the end though, we know who makes the final decisions in the Sansone house, Annie. So the percentage decreases dramatically because of it.

BOBBY: 0% - The YFFL remains our significant others' worst nightmare. They may pretend to like it but would any of them really complain if we stopped playing fantasy football tomorrow? Probably not. There is no chance the YFFL will live on into the 22nd Century in Kevin's next of kin. (he's having all girls anyway)

What are the odds that the winner of the NFC West has a sub .500 record?

NICK: 98% - Each of these teams has a shot at potentially getting hot and finishing the year over .500, but has even one of the teams proven they even want the division crown? Losses for all four will mount and the Huskers will be the 6-7 team popping the champagne.

BOBBY: 25% - The Beans, the league's feel good story of the year, would have to go 1-3 the rest of the way to finish under .500 and that probably won't happen because they don't play a team with a winning record. On a side note, it's interesting to see the Huskers closely watching the Beans strategy of trading away verterans for draft picks and then stacking up multiple first round picks for a much quicker rebuilding process. The Beans had originally hoped to be competitive in 2010 but now are eyeing the best record in the NFC and the bye that comes with it. The Beans could easily go 3-1 the rest of the way while the ultra-competitive NFC East beats up on each other. If that happens the 8-5 Beans could grab the NFC bye.

Owen Daniels Keep your chin up Owen, your epic 40 point season will be long remembered by the fans

What are the odds that the Dragons overtake the Mallards for the NFC East title?

NICK: 70% - The only thing hurting the Dragons chances would be time. But, that could be erased this weekend when the Thugs and Mallards match up while the Dragons have business of their own to take care of against the Bear. In the end, I see the Dragons finishing 8-5 and securing at least the Wild Card.

BOBBY: 33% - They'll likely ended up with matching 8-5 records, so it will come down to points. The Owen Daniels trade was devastating to Steve though. That trade probably made him the best team in the league but now he falls back to the 3rd or 4th best team. The Dragons are hot and definitely headed to the playoffs but I have a funny feeling Aaron Rodgers is going to get injured here in the next few weeks. He's taking too many sacks and he's not going to get up from one of them. If that happens the Dragons are likely done. Don't count out the White Guys yet either.

What are the odds that another big name gets traded by this weekend?

NICK: 25% - There are a number of contending teams that need a little help at one position or another, but time is a factor. Structuring deals in the YFFL can take some time as it is hard for some owners to let go of guys they've had on their teams for years. IF a deal gets done, I could see the Poop and Llamas trying to push for a RB, the Eaters and Boys looking for a WR, and the Mallards trying to replace Owen Daniels (a deal with the Eaters maybe?).

BOBBY: 66.67% (repeating of course) - I like the chances of someone just saying "LEEEEEE-ROY JENKINS" and pulling off an eye-opening trade this week. After Week 9 we now know who the contenders are and who the pretenders are, so it's time for some of the teams without playoff chances to trade away veterans for future considerations. The Boys would be the leading candidate with 31-year-old Thomas Jones now expendable with Boys 3 young RBs.

What are the odds that we hear from Chris Davidson again in the forum?

NICK: 99% - Someone is going to start getting on Chris D's case for not putting in any effort this season despite having two contending teams. Some would argue that he's let the coveted Owner of the Year award slip through his fingers. He will get upset with something Bobby says soon enough. Or he could have heard enough from me for that matter - what can I say, considering what have the Chickens done lately? BUT, I've put in the effort.

Bromance Rumor has it that Judd Apatow secretly contacted Chris and Kurt for the rights to their story for his next Bromantic Comedy

BOBBY: 7% - My dark horse to win the Owner of the Year after an unbelievable draft has slipped up in the past weeks and may or may not still be interested in the league. Disappointing to see both Donald Brown and Brian Westbrook in his lineups last week after both of them were declared inactive well before kick-off. Chris' bromance with Kurt Willette is clearly impacting his decision-making. Is Chris secretly in love with Kurt? That could make for a great 30 for 30 piece...

What are the odds that Brian Davidson wins Owner of the Year this season?

Editor's Note: This question was proposed before Week 9

NICK: 5% - See, Bobby thought of this question and he just wants me to point out that he should be up there as well, especially considering the state at which the Beans started the season and how they control their own destiny in the NFC West. You've got a lot left to prove before that award is on your mantle this season. Chris Davidson's 2009 draft and Tony Romo's arm might be what keeps Chris in the hunt. Brian is going to need to pull some strings and make a deal or two that pays off for the Poop in order for the award to be heading to the midwest. Kevin has a serious shot at retaining the title IF his Huskers are somehow able to take the division. There is just too much uncertainty revolving around Brian's teams to seriously think he's a contender, YET.

BOBBY: 25% - After Brian and Chris' disappointing Week 9 performances, it looks like I'm the leading candidate. I'm not counting out Brian yet but with the Brothers slipping to 3-6 after entering the season with high expectations, it's not looking good. Chris started strong but he's made too many roster mistakes to take any serious consideration right now. Kevin has the Llamas winning as expected but he's made some poor trades with the Huskers this year and is clearly in re-building mode follwing an 11-2 season. Steve is a dark horse candidate now but would likely have to get the Merry Men to 6-7 for any serious consideration. A lot of owners questioned why a 1-win team would trade for a 40-year-old QB, so he'll have to explain that one to the voters.