2009 Mock Draft 3.0

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

September 02, 2009

With only hours to go before the 2009 YFFL Draft, Steve delivers his final Mock Draft. How close will it be to the final tally? We'll all find out tonight.

Donald Brown Donald Brown to the Boys? Steve can't see it any other way

#1 Ludke's Merry Men: Matthew Stafford QB Detroit Lions

With none of the class of 2009 breaking away from the pack, the Merry Men will just focus on their biggest need. Sanchez has gained on Stafford in recent weeks but Stafford has the higher ceiling and will be the #1 pick in this year's draft.

#2 Memphis Brothers: Michael Crabtree WR San Francisco 49ers

I expect Crabtree to sign in the next 7 days; he can't possibly be crazy enough to start missing game checks once the season starts. The Brothers only have two WRs on their roster, which leads most in the league to believe Bri will be taking the top WR available this year.

#3 Burger Buddies: Knowshon Moreno RB Denver Broncos

Moreno vaults back into the top 5 as Mike elects to not select Mark Sanchez and instead go with the hometown rookie. Moreno should be fine for Week 1 but it could be a few weeks before the Buddies get consistent production from their draft pick. Chris Wells is a darkhorse to go in this spot as well after that great game he had in his preseason debut.

#4 Big Boys: Donald Brown RB Indianapolis Colts

Three mock drafts and every time Donald Brown goes in this spot. If Brown was drafted sooner I don't think anyone would be surprised, but for now the Boys still get their man.

#5 Mexican Humping Beans: LeSean McCoy RB Philadelphia Eagles

Who to take #5 is going to give Bobby an ulcer. He has been tossing and turning for a week now about who is the best running back left. It will be tough to pass on Wells but the lure of McCoy will prove too much and the Beans get their draft off to a solid start.

#6 Asian Orangutangs: Chris Wells RB Arizona Cardinals

Jon is in a tough spot with the 'Tangs. He desperately needs a stud WR but he could also use a RB since the 3 he has are not the most confidence inspiring group. It will be tough to pass on Harvin, but Wells will produce right out of the gate and will make the impact in the lineup that the Orangutangs need.

#7 Fightin' Mallards: Percy Harvin WR Minnesota Vikings

Harvin hasn't shown much so far in preseason action but he has the most upside of the players left on the board to make an instant impact in the YFFL. The Mallards would probably be better served landing a RB here but they take the best player available.

#8 Cuban Refugees: Hakeem Nicks WR New York Giants

Nicks busted out in his last game with 144 yds and 2 TDs. That performance coupled with the NY press should have Aceto grabbing NY players with his first round picks.

Mark Sanchez Popular opinion thinks Sanchez should go #1 overall. Will he last until the White Guys pick all the way down at #9?

#9 High 5'n White Guys: Mark Sanchez QB New York Jets

Sanchez drops to the White Guys again this time around. Don't be surprised if Aceto makes a draft day move to trade up and go get his guy.

#10 Mexican Humping Beans: Shonn Greene RB New York Jets

Greene has gone from a sure thing, top 5 pick to a sure thing, second half of round 1 pick. Bobby = Happy

#11 Mexican Humping Beans: Kenny Britt WR Tennessee Titans

Britt, Maclin, or Coffee??? Bobby has stated that he intends to come away with at least one WR in the first round and Kenny Britt looks to be his man.

#12 Hoochie Llamas: Glen Coffee RB San Francisco 49ers

I have a feeling we are going to look back at this draft and wonder why some of the guys drafted 8 and later weren't taken sooner; all these players definitely have more potential than in years past.

#13 Apple Eaters: Jeremy Maclin WR Philadelphia Eagles

Maclin drops a few spots due to a lack of production this preseason. Maclin will need a season or two to make an impact but I'm not sure the Eaters have time to wait with a must-win-now group of players on the roster.

#14 UCornn Huskers: Chaz Schilens WR Oakland Raiders

The Huskers can afford to wait for Schilens to return from injury. He should be back by the time the bye weeks start and be productive despite the other players around him.

#15 UCornn Huskers: Matt Leinart QB Arizona Cardinals

The Huskers roll the dice and pick up a player they think they will be able to move later, possible 20 minutes later to the Thugs for some second round draft picks.

#16 Snapdragons: James Davis RB Cleveland Browns

Jon grabs Davis just when I think i have a chance to land him with the next pick. Davis has played well this offseason and could cause the Chickens to regret not keeping their first round pick and grabbing this intriguing player.