YFFL Role Play! 2008 - Part 2

Nick Wood & Bobby Sansone, Pardon the Impersonation

September 23, 2008

In part two of Nick and Bobby's Roleplay! session, Bobby takes on the personas of Mike, Chris, Nick and Steve as Nick tries to get to the bottom of several lingering issues facing these owners as the YFFL season progresses.

Mike Kinsman

Mike Kinsman

Nick: Bobby, you're Mike Kinsman, the "Simon Cowell" of the YFFL for your harsh words and lack of caring about what other people think. Now that you've had some time since you handed over the keys to the Porsche that is the Chunky Chickens, what have you done with all of your spare time? Has the reduced time focused on two teams led you to stop verbally abusing Dugas in the forum? Or has he just lost your interest as the primary nemesis in the league? If so, who will be next as that focus of abuse?

Bobby: I'm still here but it's hard for me talk to the talk when the Buddies can't walk the walk. Dugas, he's no fun. He stopped having fun years ago and takes things too seriously. He single-handedly took the fun out of this league. He should be giving me sh!t about how lame the Buddies are this year. The thing no one seems to remember with this league is you can't take anything personally. If I see you out at the bars I'm still gonna love ya and do a trifecta shot with you but you can bet I'll give you sh!t in the forum for starting Early Doucet or releasing David Garrard and Brandon Marshall. I'm also going to take this opportunity to plug Darren Sproles - he is going to save the Buddies season!

Chris Davidson

Chris Davidson

Nick: Bobby, you're Chris Davidson. You're quickly becoming the owner that people love to hate for your lack of participation in the scheduled meetings, your tardiness and disappearance from the draft, and most importantly, your lack of communication with other owners involving trades. Was last year's frequent participation in the forum a once in a blue moon thing? Should we not expect to see anything from you except lineup submissions for the 2008 season?

Bobby: Hey, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion and I make it no secret that I'm tired of all the Power Rankings, Role Play, Trade Analysis, anti-Davidson themed articles written by Bobby and the gang. I have to admit though he was right about the Favre - Jackson trade being a big mistake. I still got love for Bobby though even if he still gives me sh!t for taking Kellen Winslow 4th overall a few years back. I'm good for at least one rant a season and I've got the league's best team in the Apple Eaters. The AFC is mine now that Tom Brady is out of the picture.

Nick Wood

Nick Wood

Nick: Bobby, you're Nick Wood. You are the person with the most to lose this season because of the pressure put on you by owner Mike Kinsman to win games and the first Super Bowl Title for the Chickens since Mike was wearing braces. How have you handled that pressure this off-season and how will you handle it during this season with such demanding expectations?

Bobby: I've done all I can to put together arguably the best roster in the history of the YFFL. I don't know what more I can possibly do other than maybe add another WR for a little more depth. I think Mike is happy with what I've done and he hasn't given me the dreaded "vote of confidence", so I'm feeling pretty good on that front. I am worried about the Mallards and Beans in the NFC, so I'm concentrating on getting the first-round bye to avoid another "Instant Classic" NFC Wild Card game like last year against the Beans. Damn Jay Cutler.

Steve Dugas


Nick: Bobby, you're Steve Dugas. You're the owner that people are beginning to worry about. It was not long ago when you were the Jason Berry of the YFFL, intimidating other owners without worry, making trades faster than a J-Berry fastball, and most importantly, winning games at the same level Jason was able to throw a hutch football across the Intermediate School parking lot. Where has that fire gone? Sure, you've got a talented squad in the Mallards, but there have been rumors swirling that your only strategy with the Merry Men is trying to build for the 2009 season by attempting to "position yourself" in the Stuper Bowl this season. Bri Davidson was quick to tell Nick in the forum last season that "owners in the YFFL don't tank games." You're not tanking this season are you?

Bobby: There's no way I could ever tank a game with the Merry Men. I pride myself on having the league's highest winning percentage in the history of the YFFL and I plan on keeping it that way. I know, I know, I have slipped up in recent years and have not fielded a competitive team, but the Merry Men will be back soon...we're just waiting on Brady Quinn. Early Doucet in my starting lineup twice...well yes, I admit that is down right horrendous and I won't be expecting many Owner of the Year votes this season but I'm actively seeking trades and plan on vying for the AFC Wild Card this season. I am determined to finish at least 7-6 this year.