YFFL Role Play! 2008 - Part 1

Nick Wood & Bobby Sansone, Pardon the Impersonation

September 10, 2008

Media moguls Bobby Sansone and Nick Wood meet up for the first of two role-play sessions in order to take a deeper look into what some of the owners around the YFFL are thinking as the 2008 season begins. In part one, Nick answers some penetrating questions as Anthony, Jon, Brian, Kevin and Bobby.

PLEASE NOTE: These interviews were performed before Week 1 action.

Anthony Aceto

Anthony Aceto?

Bobby: Nick, you are Anthony Aceto, the two-time defending champion of this league. You haven't been seen or heard from in the YFFL in years, which has led to rumors that you are no longer human and have turned into a Merrill Lynch cyborg. Were you really the brains behind the last two Super Bowl champions or did Merrill Lynch insert a fantasy football game genie microchip into your CPU?

Nick: Alright, I know I work a ton, but for good reason. Have you seen the stock price of MER lately? I'm not getting rich quick by holding onto my company stock right now, so work is my only option there. What's this questioning me about being the brains behind the last two Super Bowls? Of course I am. Did Mike put you up to that question? I bet he did, he's not able to give me credit for anything. He'll see, even as his very own GM pointed out, I had a solid draft with the Refugees and the White Guys did not have much to choose from with the last pick in each round. I'm not necessarily going to be physically seen too often by the crew up in Maine, since it's difficult to get away, but I'll certainly be seen in the YFFL this year once again.

Jon Kinsman

Jacob Kinsman

Bobby: Nick, you are Jon Kinsman, the fearless leader of the YFFL. There are rumors swirling that you are ready to hand over commissioner duties to deputy commissioner Steve Dugas so you can focus on just maintaining the website and spend more time with your family. What do you have to say to that?

Nick: No, there is no truth to the rumor that Steve is going to take over any additional duties than what he already has. I enjoy the YFFL just as much as the rest of you. Look, Jake goes to bed at 7pm, so I have a solid amount of time to focus on fantasy football and the website. I personally think the league is starting to heat up even more - why would I want to limit my duties now? The only thing I wish could improve would be the participation from the Davidson brothers. It would be nice to see them contribute more often, but I'm not going to get upset about it. They have their own schedules and Brian is not even in the same time zone as the rest of us. I like to avoid controversy, so you might want to take that last comment out...

Brian Davidson

Brian Davidson

Bobby: Nick, you are Brian Davidson, the "Original Maverick" of the YFFL. The Brothers are broken and worse off than they were 4 years ago. Will you reform the NFC West, battle the big Chunky Chickens and fight the corruption in the YFFL front office? Are you Brian Davidson, the "Original Maverick", and if so, do you approve this message?

Nick: Look, I love this league and I'm going to compete with both teams. That is the main reason why I pointed out late last season the generosity of Mikey-K. He did a great thing getting Nick involved in the league. I still could not see myself being able to do that because of my love for the league, but who knows. I've already apologized for not being present at the "Not So Winter Meeting"; I try to make everything I can, but sometimes I get pulled away. I'll be a well known presence in the league this year; no one needs to worry about it. Like a late night DiRobbio/Davidson freestyle, "I'm not afraid of the Chickens or afraid of their coop, the Brothers will be ready, and so will the Poop. Both teams are fighters, there will be no easy win, I might need a little time for the Brothers dominance to begin." Oh, and Steve, I read your AFC East preview of the Poop, what's with the 6-7 record? This team will not be under .500 this year!

Kevin Sansone

Kevin Sansone

Bobby: Nick, you are Kev Sansone. There are rumors circulating that you've lost interest in fantasy sports. Chet's Lemonade hasn't been competitive in years, you nearly missed the YFFL owners meeting and you did not show up to the draft until 19 minutes before the first pick. Have you really put your family first or is the media just over-reacting?

Nick: First of all, I have to apologize for being late, by my standards, to the draft. As far as losing interest in the league or fantasy sport in general, I take offense to that. A lot has gone on of late and I think I've done a great job balancing it all; Annie and I have moved, I'm working a ton, and we're talking about having a little fantasy apprentice of our own sometime, so I'd argue that no one has had more on their plate and been able to balance their real and fantasy lives any better. Bobby, there is no reason to bring up the Lemonade, you're only doing it because you want to point out to everyone that you're having a good year with the Teuffel. Sure, Chet's having their troubles, but we all know things could turn around quickly. Also, has everyone failed to notice that I have a legit title contender on my hands in the Llamas? Bobby, I think it is you who we'll be asking about their commitment to fantasy sports after this season. Both of your teams will have a hard time making the playoffs this year and we'll be asking you this same question next year.

Bobby Sansone

Bobby Sansone

Bobby: Nick, you are Bobby Sansone. There were an awful lot of guest power ranking contributors last year and very few YFFL columns as well. Are you priming Nick Wood to take over as the YFFL's senior contributor or will you be back in business for 2008?

Nick: I can't deny it, my contributions to the league's media publications have diminished as of late. Nick's participation has helped spur me along and get me back behind the wheel of the YFFL media power and I appreciate that. However, just like how I voted to keep Nick out of the league's winter meetings, I'll keep the senior contributor title from him as well. 2008 is going to be a great year and I anticipate you all will be hearing quite a bit from me. My teams will be competitive, which will keep me interested, and the top teams this season all make it easy to create drama, tension and an occasional scandal, so I'll have plenty of material. We all have to admit that there may be a controversy brewing in a number of locker rooms this season, including an investigation into the Davidson's lack of communication with other owners, a team that we all know "may" be playing out the string in 2008 as they look towards the 2009 draft, and who knows, there may be some YFFL point shaving going on. These are just a few of the topics that will bring big headlines in 2008. Oh, and if the Chickens falter in any way, I'll have my YFFL media photographers all over the actions in their front office like a Japanese tourist in Times Square.