Postcards From Camp: Mexican Humping Beans

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

September 06, 2003

Yarmouth, ME – The Beans, winners of only 11 of their last 39 games, are gaining confidence with each passing day. Tuesday was Rookie Day at camp as some of the veterans had some fun with the new guys in activities such as “How Deep Can I Stab You?” and the “Gasoline Chugging Contest”. No casualties were reported. The Beans will return to practice on Wednesday with nothing but business as usual on their mind. QB Coach Jim Harbaugh says Trent Green is a sleeper MVP candidate and could throw 35 TDs this year. Clinton Portis is another MVP candidate as Sansone believes he and Travis Henry can combine for 35 TDs this season.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Bobby Sansone

Who starts at UT? The loss of James Stewart for the year was a huge blow to the club but Sansone will look for someone to step up and play UT. Charles Rogers just may be the player to do so. TJ Duckett and Marcel Shipp are the other players looking to fill Stewart’s role.

Rising Star

Clinton Portis. One YFFL owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was recently rumored to offer Sansone $500 and a supplemental draft pick. Here’s what that owner had to say, “That rumor is absurd! If that rumor is true then my name isn’t Steven P. Dugas!” Nevertheless, Portis is arguably the most valued player in the league and big things are expected of him in 2003.

Probable Starters

Green, Portis, Henry, Coles, Pinkston, McMichael, Wilkins, Rogers

Final Observations

The Beans seem destined to compete this season and should challenge the Chickens and the Huskers for the NFC West Title. Question marks remain at the 2nd WR spot where Sansone will expect big numbers from Todd Pinkston. Charlie Rogers steps right into the starting lineup. Kicker Jeff Wilkins is the only starter who has been with the team longer than 3 seasons. TJ Duckett and Marcel Shipp provide depth if needed off the bench.