Steve Dugas, Handicapper

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

November 30, 2007

When you think Steve Dugas, you immediately think gambling. Who better to handicap the race for the YFFL's most prestigious awards? Steve takes an in-depth look at the candidates and also offers his odds on who will win Super Bowl XV.

Most Valuable Player

Tom Brady
Seems like the only question remaining is will Tom Brady be a unanimous MVP?

Tom Brady Brady remains a 3 TD performance away from owning the all-time single season scoring record and it looks like he will get it against a banged up Ravens defense. Brady has been the heart and soul of the Bear, leading them back from an 0-3 start to the playoffs. While one would think this would be a lock, but it isn't always as Shaun Alexander proved in 2005 when he was a one man, 10 win team and was inexcusably left off two ballots.

Tony Romo Romo has risen from 3rd round YFFL draft pick to 200 point stud. Romo has been steady all year, scoring less than 12 points just once the entire year as he led the Apple Eaters to their first division title in 11 years.

Brett Favre Favre has enjoyed his best season in nearly 10 years and put up 160 points to date, probably a YFFL record for a 38 year old. Favre was one of few players to play well for the Dragons this season and led them to an improbable 6 wins through the first 12 weeks of the season.

Randy Moss Moss has put up a record breaking 128 points through 12 weeks despite being shut out twice. Had the Buddies made the playoffs then Moss would have likely garnered more votes but he will likely have to settle for getting third place in the MVP balloting.

Others of Note:

  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Brian Westbrook
  • Joseph Addai
  • Braylon Edwards
  • Adrian Peterson

Rookie of the Year

Adrian Peterson Despite missing a couple of weeks with injury, Peterson has been one of the most dominate rookies in recent memory. He has used the fact the Mallards passed over him with the first pick in the draft as motivation and put up 94 points, good for fourth among running backs and only 2 fewer than the league leader. Peterson will win this award in a landslide.

Others of Note:

Derek Anderson
All Derek Anderson does is win division championships
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Dwayne Bowe
  • Nick Folk

Macor Misa

Derek Anderson This is another category where one person will likely dominate the votes. The Browns' surprising QB has scored 78 points since finally getting pulled off the waiver wire and had he gotten a full season, he would have 154 points thus far. Anderson has become the focal point of the White Guys offense and it looks like they have finally solved their long standing quarterback problem. Matt Leinart getting hurt was the best thing for this franchise.

Wes Welker If anyone can derail Anderson's Macor Misa award hopes it's the hometown Wes Welker who came out of nowhere to score 64 points in the high powered Patriots attack. His Patriot ties could steal some first place votes but second place is probably the best he'll do.

Others of Note:

  • Kenny Watson
  • Earnest Graham
  • Dallas Clark

YFFL Championship Odds

Eaters 3-1

The Eaters have one of the most balanced lineups in the league along with the Llamas and are my favorite to bring a 4th title to the AFC West in the last 5 years. Tony Romo is on fire and the rest of the roster is solid and often overlooked.

Llamas 4-1

The Llamas will contend as long as Brees keeps passing 80% of the time and Addai can stay healthy for another 4 weeks. If Chester Taylor can keep getting the majority of the carries in Minnesota then the Llamas will be in business.

Bear 6-1

With his second 20 point outburst out of the way, Chad Johnson is likely done scoring for the year but Tom Brady makes this team a threat every week. There is little doubt in my mind the YFFL Title will stay in the AFC for a 5th straight season.

Drew Brees
Does Drew "Hollywood" Brees have the focus to bring the Llamas a championship?

Chickens 6-1

Should the Chickens win this weekend and make the playoffs they have to be the favorites in the NFC. The one chink in their armor is that they haven't been able to stick with a set lineup. Once they realize that they are better off playing out the string with one QB, the better chance they have of winning.

White Guys 8-1

The White Guys are one of the more intriguing playoff teams this season. They have multiple players having breakout years and feature this years likely Macor Misa award winner in Derek Anderson. If Peterson comes back and is the player he was before he got hurt then look out because the White Guys will be going to the Super Bowl.

Beans 10-1

Which Beans team is going to show up in the playoffs - the one that dropped 4 in a row or the team that started 6-1? Their lineup isn't one of the sexiest in the league but they are capable of getting the job done. Week 13 will give us a better idea of whether or not they've turned the corner.

Huskers 15-1

The Huskers need a win or tie this weekend to go to the big dance and it's going be tough. Should the Huskers make the playoffs, they will need Peyton Manning to get red hot to have a chance. Unfortunately, they are just too banged up and the kicking talent is just too limited to have a chance at an all Kevin Super Bowl.