At the Deadline: Team-By-Team Thoughts

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

October 31, 2007

Hoochie Llamas - Hold

The Llamas are off to a solid start and will probably choose not to make a move as the trade deadline approaches unless they fall into a deal that they just can't say no to. When looking out over the YFFL landscape not too many players figure to be available this season and very few would be an improvement over what they have.

Trading Chips: Lee Evans, Donald Driver, Chester Taylor, Draft Picks

Tom Brady
Tom Brady could use some help on his run to a possible Super Bowl title

Bear #$%& - Buyers

The Bear need to make a move and need to do so as quickly as possible. Injuries to the running backs and poor play by the wide receivers have this team relying on Tom Brady for every win. While it's led to 5 straight victories, the Bear will have a hard time getting into the playoffs unless they can acquire an impact player. The Bear might have to depart with an underperforming star to get the player they need but the risk might be worth the return. If the Bear can make the playoffs and Belichick remains pissed off at the NFL, Brady could lead them to a YFFL Championship.

Trading Chips: Ronnie Brown, Greg Jennings, Santana Moss, Chad Johnson, 1st Round Draft Pick

Cuban Refugees - Sellers

The Refugees have hung tough this season but there are simply too many teams to pass to have the opportunity to defend their title. They have 45 running backs who all play at about the same level and Aceto would be wise to trade 2 of them for a better running back or trade just one to upgrade the receiver corps or quarterback position. A deal that would make a lot of sense would be trading Jones-Drew or Maroney for Chad Johnson.

Trading Chips: Kevin Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, Laurence Maroney, All the QBs

Asian Orangutangs - Sellers

This team might be better to stand down and not make any moves but if they can deal a couple of their receivers for some extra draft picks it might prove worth while. Jon is always willing to listen to an offer and if someone wanted to put together a nice package for one of the Orangutangs better players Jon would definitely think about it.

Trading Chips: Chris Henry, Kevin Walter, DJ Hackett

Marvin Harrison
With injury concerns mounting, could this is the end of the line for Marvin Harrison with the Eaters?

Apple Eaters - Buyers

The Apple Eaters remain the favorites in the AFC West but will probably need to pull the trigger on a deal to hold off the Buddies and the Merry Men. A third running back or a consistent receiver would be a great addition to this team. While they don't want to trade Marvin Harrison, it would be a good time to consider it if the Eaters can get good value in return. Dealing a second rounder to the 'Tangs for a WR would be a practical move for both franchises.

Trading Chips: Marvin Harrison, Draft Picks

Ludke's Merry Men - Buyers

The Merry Men are kind of stuck in the middle when it comes to being buyers or sellers. While the team has gotten off to a good start, most of the lineup is underperforming and they will have a hard time making the playoffs if this should continue. The Week 9 results will probably decide what this team is going to do. Will they sell off the pieces they have and get ready for a year or two rebuilding process or will they make a move and mortgage some of the future and take one last shot at glory with the core they have?

Trading Chips: Rudi Johnson, Kenny Watson, Jon Kitna, Shaun Alexander, Draft Picks

Burger Buddies - Buyers

The Burger Buddies are getting great quarterback play from Jeff Garcia, the wide receivers are playing phenomenal, and even LJ is returning to his old self. If this team can land a good running back or upgrade Garcia to a player just a notch above this team will have to start being considered one of the top 3 teams vying for the championship. Trading a WR for a RB would make sense as would dealing one of their top two draft picks.

Trading Chips: Torry Holt, Chris Chambers, Kevin Kolb, Alex Smith, Eric Johnson

Ahman Green
In case you haven't heard, Ahman Green is (still) on the trading block

Market Thugs - Sellers

In typical Bobby fashion he will sell you the shirt right off his back if the price is right. While Sansone is on record saying everyone is available except Williams, Housh, and Bowe I believe every player on the roster is available. It would take a lot to get these three players but it can be done. As for the rest of the roster, most can be had for 1st or 2nd round draft picks or a young player who is showing promise. Look For Bob to trade 2 or 3 guys away over the next two weeks.

Trading Chips: Joey Galloway, Ahman Green, Julius Jones, Marc Bulger, Kickers

White Guys - Buyers

The White Guys are getting nice years out of several players on their roster and they find themselves surprisingly in first place 8 weeks into the season. Derek Anderson has proven to be the pick up of the year and Adrian Peterson is looking like a steal. With Fred Taylor and DeShaun Foster contributing every week and the receivers playing well the White Guys will probably not make a move and ride this one out. If they really want to take a shot and improve their chances they could trade a RB or WR and a 1st round pick a get an upgrade at one of the positions.

Trading Chips: Foster, Taylor, Muhammed, 1st Round Draft Pick

Fightin' Mallards - Buyers

The Mallards have clawed their way back into the thick of things with a couple victories and are finally starting to get healthy. Calvin Johnson and Deion Branch are back and Steven Jackson figures to be at full strength when he returns from BYE in week 10. The team will need to find a second running back if they have any hope of pulling off a spot in the playoffs and they have the chips to deal with. Michael Turner and a draft pick would be good compensation for a running back who actually gets carries every week.

Trading Chips: Michael Turner, Ted Ginn Jr., 1st Round Draft Pick, Dolphin QB's

Frank Gore
Would the Dragons part with an underperforming Frank Gore? Steve thinks so.

Snapdragons - Sellers

The Dragons have fallen off after jumping out to an early season lead in the division. Aside from Favre and Welker most of the Dragons lineup as been a disappointment. Players who have underperformed thus far like Hines Ward and Frank Gore could possibly be had - I think this is the one team other than the Thugs where every player could be had. I expect Jon to go full blown on the rebuilding process and deal any player he gets a good offer for. Jon does an excellent job of turning rosters over and competing for the playoffs immediately. Trading Gore to the Mallards for Turner and Clemens or draft picks would make sense for both teams.

Trading Chips: Everyone

Big Boys - Sellers

The Big Boys field one of the worst lineups in the league and don't really have any players of any value. Perhaps they could get something for Thomas Jones or deal one of their tight ends. I don't see either Manning or Wayne going anywhere. If someone came to Chris with a big offer he would have to think about it. It looks like the well could be dry for the Big Boys for a couple years unless they acquire some young talent or extra draft picks.

Trading Chips: Thomas Jones, Chris Cooley

Mexican Humping Beans - Buyers

The Beans are looking good and should have no problem making the playoffs in the NFC this season. While they are off to a good start the Beans could make a couple moves to strengthen a couple areas. Bob has been concerned by the inconsistent quarterback play and would move on a solid veteran if the opportunity presented itself. Bob would also like to get another running back if he could. His backs have been plagued by minor injuries and there is the looming suspension of Travis Henry. Look for the Beans to make a move or two but nothing major as they likely won't mess with success.

Trading Chips: Draft Picks, Dealing a current player with a pick for an upgrade

UCornn Huskers - Buyers

The Huskers are playing well and will be in the market for an upgrade at receiver. Kevin has not been happy with the consistency of his guys as every receiver is either too old or too young to be counted on to produce week in and week out. A logical move would be to trade Jerious Norwood for Torry Holt or Marvin Harrison if Kevin would be able to pry one of those players away from their respective owners.

Trading Chips: Norwood, Tony Gonzalez, All Wide Receivers, Draft Picks

Donovan McNabb
Will Nick make a splash and unload a veteran like McNabb before the deadline?

Chunky Chickens - Hold

The Chickens have been the victims of a tough schedule this year - opponents have scored more points against them than any other team in the YFFL. Their record might be a couple wins better but Mike has had a tough time picking which quarterback to start each week and has usually given the wrong guy the nod. When you have so many quality options it's hard to guess right each week. With the new general manager coming on board it will be interesting to see if Nick waits to see what offers come his way or if he goes out and looks to improve this team in the short and long run. Expect Nick to name one QB the starter and possibly using the 3rd stringer as trade bait to bring in another running back or star receiver.

Trading Chips: Guessing everyone except LT, Gates, and Lynch

Memphis Brothers - Sellers

Injuries have decimated the running backs group, poor quarterback play has limited what the receivers on the Brothers can do, and they find themselves in a tail spin as the season seems lost. Bri has stated he would start moving players with an eye towards winning the NFC in 2008. With Carson Palmer and Steve Smith as his core it's not too hard to imagine the Brothers being just a move or two and a good draft away from contending again next season.

Trading Chips: Everyone except Palmer and Smith