Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat: Bobby Sansone

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

November 30, 2006

Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat

Kevin: Bobby Sansone, You are now on the Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat.

Bobby: Damn if feels good to be a gangsta again...

Dave Chappelle
Bob was last seen purifying himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka

Kevin: Bobby, like the Hot Seat, you have been on hiatus from the YFFL for a number of weeks. Would you consider your abrupt departure from the world that is YFFL more akin to Ricky Williams' trip to India or Dave Chappelle's trip to Africa?

Bobby: Dave Chappelle. The YFFL became too much for me to handle. The expectations following a 5-0 start just put me over the top. It climaxed when I had a horrible anxiety attack about a month ago when Tom Brady and the Bear #!%$ nearly pulled off a 35 point comeback on the Thugs on Monday night. I couldn't sleep for nights, I couldn't concentrate on anything. I had no choice but to walk away from the YFFL.

Kevin: Did your decision to put Jay Cutler on the IR and leave Chris Weinke on the active roster also come in to play when it came down to walking away for 3 weeks?

Bobby: No, the signing of Weinke and Fargas were some of my better moves of the season. The Fargas move has paid off already. Cutler wasn't supposed to play at all this season but I wish I had put Jerome Harrison on the IR instead. It's still hard for me to believe that the Beans, probably the worst team in the league right now, control their playoff destiny. This team is 2-5 over the past 7 weeks and has struggled to score 20 points. The medication I'm on now keeps me from getting too high or too low about fantasy football so I'm rather apathetic that I could potentially waste a 5-0 start right now.

Kevin: I'd like to shift gears and discuss realignment. Has the amazing parity in the league this season altered your perception of realigning the divisions?

Bobby: I still think the AFC West is superior to all the other divisions but I think our stranglehold on the league is slowly loosening. The Merry Men, Thugs and even the Buddies have all peaked and may be in for some down years. The AFC East on the other hand is playing much better but that 4-12 mark against the West is very alarming. As for me, it's time to leave the AFC West. I've had some great rivalries over the years and they will be missed but playing Mike's teams twice a year in divisional play and then again on rivalry weekend, has taken it's toll on me. I'm going to ask the commissioner to realign me for next season for a fresh start in the AFC East.

Nick Novak
One of the worst players in the league created one of the best moments of 2006

Kevin: Does Nick Novak's game-winning field goal make him the front runner for the 2006 Macor Misa award?

Bobby: Yes! that may have been one of the "greatest stories that no one is talking about" all season. I'd also like to see Joey Harrington on that nomination list as his 19-point effort earned me a 1-point win over the Refugees. It's eating me up this week that I would have beaten the invincible Buddies last week if I had started Harrington over Bulger, which I was strongly considering. Novak though, that cat is the WORST kicker in the league. I can't believe the Redskins still employee him. I might give him the Week 13 start though in hopes of a Brock Forsey like performance. I can't remember the basis of the Macor Misa award but Jerricho Crotchery, as my new favorite player, has a place in my heart.

Kevin: It is a known fact that you have tossed around the idea of upping the number of playoff teams from 6 to 8. Is it your goal to have the YFFL resemble the NBA?

Bobby: With the parity these days in the YFFL, I think the league would benefit greatly from an 8 team playoff format. How interesting would it be if the red-hot Mallards and rejuvenated Bear $#&! were in the playoffs this year! Mike wouldn't be doing his Vince from Entourage "Relax, I told you I'd take care of it" routine. Right now the non-Mike teams would be the Refugees, Dragons, Eaters and Beans. Do any of those teams excite you?

Kevin: There is a good possibility that 7 of the first 10 draft picks in next year's draft will be owned by me and Dugas. Please give us the Bobby "Cartoon" Sansone perspective on this notion.

Bobby: You guys will talk for about three weeks straight leading up to the draft analyzing every player short of Nick Novak. You will then try to trick each other by hinting you are taking someone and then both call me saying "Boy, did I fool Steve/Kev!" You will then buy into a Mike Shanahan-hyped player like Mike Bell or a deceptive first-team depth chart player like Hank Baskett and leave a stud QB to fall to Mike yet again.

Kiley Bennett
When she's not on the job, Kiley loves to spend time with family and friends, read, ski and debate the Power Rankings.

Kevin: Where does rank on your favorite websites list?

Bobby: Jon does a phenomenal job with the website so it's probably my favorite. It's too bad some owners elect not to contribute at all though via the forum or guest columns. My current cable TV news crush is Kiley Bennett so I visit's personality page a lot to stay caught up with her. I also like to dispel any chain e-mail Nick Wood sends me attempting to get me to believe some preposterous story. IMDB is another great one to research hot girls you see on TV. I love the look on guys' faces when they find out that Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C. was born in 1991!

Kevin: When you hung out with Nick on Thursday evening, what types of YFFL discussions did you have?

Bobby: We mostly discuss his Estabrook League team and how great it is going to be for him to win that league despite all the bashing he has taken all season long. He has now beaten Dugas' team twice the season and nothing rattles Steve more than losing to a Sansone-Wood team. As for the YFFL, Mike and Nick have been hush-hush about how the takeover will happen but there is no doubt in my mind that Nick Wood would now be a great addition to the league. I think the Mike/Nick co-owner team could turn into a unstoppable force in the YFFL. I'm thinking about getting Kris Bean on board with my teams...

Kevin: Your weekly Power Rankings are the source of much debate each week in the forum. Have you ever considered making the Power Rankings into the "Press Herald/YFFL Owners Poll"? By this I mean instead of one person ranking people, a group of owners could submit their rankings and the rankings would be based on points, similar to the award balloting. What are your thoughts on this?

Bobby: An Owner's Poll would be great if the integrity is maintained and everyone participated. The Power Rankings actually became the boiling point for my "hiatus" from the YFFL. They started out years ago as a joke and really people just read them for the comments. Over time I got too serious with the comments and focused more on the actual rankings. Then people started to get mad when I had teams too high or too low and the fun was lost. People start calling you out on the rankings and completely forget you volunteer a few hours of time every week to contribute something to a fantasy football webpage. The best part about fantasy football is certainly the trash talking that comes along with it but bashing the Power Rankings is kind of bush league.

Kevin: Who is the best fantasy football owner in the family: You, me, or Dad?

Bobby: Clearly Dad. He is the best fantasy owner out there in baseball or football of anyone I know. He wins leagues year in and year out and remembers every tid-bit of every game. If any of you every run into him at Hannaford or anywhere else in public, definitely pick his brain on fantasy sports.

Kevin: Bobby Sansone, you are off the Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat

Bobby: It's good to be back as part of the YFFL!