Press Release: Beans Acquire Delhomme

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

October 26, 2006

Jake Delhomme
The Beans hope Delhomme will be a leader on the field and in the community

After two straight losses and worries of another season wasted, the Beans acquired Jake Delhomme and a player to be named later from the slumping Llamas in exchange for Trent Green, Donald Driver and their 2007 1st Round draft pick. Sansone had grown increasingly impatient over the past few weeks with Green's recovery time and Bledsoe's poor play. With the wild card very much at stake this weekend as the Beans host the Big Boys, Sansone felt that this was the best time to make a move.

The Llamas haven't been able to rebuild as quickly as Kevin Sansone would have liked but now with an unprecedented three first round draft picks in next year's draft, the younger Sansone should have the bargaining chips to draft or trade for a franchise QB. Driver provides some veteran leadership and has been a steady fantasy play for several years now while Trent Green will bridge the gap until a successor at QB is found.

Sansone issued this statement after the trade: "Delhomme gives me a chance to compete with the Chickens, and also neutralizes Steve Smith of the Brothers when we go head-to-head later this year. I've been out of the playoffs too long and there was no way I could waste a 5-0 start like that. I might be regretting it next August with no first round draft picks but the Beans are still young at heart and have a solid nucleus to build upon. I remain committed to win this season but I will be patient with both Jay Cutler and Braylon Edwards."