Postcards from Camp: Snapdragons

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 29, 2003

SCARBOROUGH, ME – A disappointing 2002 season has resulted in a rough training camp thus far under the sweltering heat hear at the Snapdragons training camp facility at Scarboro Downs. Kinsman has worked the two-time Super Bowl Champions hard in hopes that he can get them back into Championship form. Three players have fainted so far and another two have had to be treated for heat exhaustion. Kinsman remained defiant, “Yeah, we got ourselves a couple of Steve Dugas’ on the team but they’ll be out of the hospital in no time.” Steve Dugas’ or not, the Dragons are going to have to improve on last year’s poor showing if they wish to challenge the beasts of the NFC.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Jon Kinsman

Will Marshall Faulk stay healthy? Faulk has made or broke the Dragons season’s in years past and Kinsman has done well to acquire players to fill in for the oft-injured pro bowl running back. Zach Crockett is a TD machine while Garrison Hearst continues to run strong well into his 30s. Trung Canidate is a potential sleeper and could see time at UT.

Fantasy Sleeper

Darrell Jackson. Jackson will try to earn playing time on team that already has Eric Moulds, Amani Toomer and Rod Smith. The Dragons are one of the deepest teams in the league, so deep that Jackson might not get any playing time unless his fellow teammates go down with an injury. Jackson is a huge fantasy sleeper and carries enormous trade value.

Probable Starters

Manning, Faulk, Hearst, Moulds, Toomer, Pollard, Nedney, Canidate

Final Observations

The Snapdragons have a ton of depth and should return to the NFC West title. Peyton Manning is about as consistent as they get at fantasy QB. Hearst and Canidate are question marks but could put up big numbers. Rod Smith is not the same WR he once was and will have to settle for a role off the bench. The Dragons have the parts of a Championship team but the NFC is a tough conference so they might need a little help along the way.