Postcards From Camp: Cuban Refugees

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

September 05, 2006

The Return of Kerry Collins?
Kerry Collins
Kerry Collins will be sitting by the phone and anxiously awaiting the call of the Refugees

New York, NY - The Refugees concluded camp this week looking like a completely different team than the one that started camp a month ago. The cleaning house phase looks complete with many of the veterans gone and a youthful team that could grow into something a few years down the line. The Refugees are by far the youngest team in the league and there is not much hope for this season but playing in the lowly AFC East, Aceto thinks he can have this team winning the division by 2007.

Critical Question Facing Owner Anthony Aceto

What to do at the QB Position? Jason Campbell was drafted as the QB of the future but has taken longer to progress than Aceto would have liked, leaving the Refugees with a very bleak QB situation this season. Kudos to Aceto for grabbing Losman and Grossman before the draft which gives Aceto at least two starting QBs for the time being. Losman and Grossman aren't among the league's best fantasy QBs and this will ultimately be the demise of the Refugees. It should be interesting to see how long Aceto goes with the pair or if he gets antsy and gives free agent Kerry Collins a call.

Player to Watch

Kevin Jones, RB - With such a young team, there will be several players to keep tabs on but the most important has to be Kevin Jones. Jones had a stellar rookie season in 2004 and looked like he would be a premier fantasy back for years to come. However, a poor sophomore campaign sent both the Refugees and Lions reeling to dreadful lows in 2005. If Jones can return to his 2004 form and Laurence Maroney gets his chance like most expect, the Refugees backfield could be the best in the AFC East.

Projected Starting Lineup

Losman, K. Jones, Walker, M. Jones, Brown, Graham, Vinatieri, Heap


Aside from the QB position, the Refugees aren't actually that bad. The return of Javon Walker certainly will be a big lift and I expect huge seasons for both Daniel Graham and Todd Heap. Vinatieri should put up Pro Bowl type numbers with the Colts offense churning out points once again. Matt Jones and Reggie Brown are now both in their second season and should start to put up bigger fantasy numbers. Tatum Bell has been a disappointment but he'll get his carries for the Broncos and fill in on bye weeks. If Aceto can find a decent QB off the waiver wire, a six-win season in the lowly AFC East could be a division winner this year. All things considering, the Refugees are likely still another year away.


4-9; 415 points; 4th AFC East