Postcards from Camp: Bear Poop

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 11, 2003

YARMOUTH, ME Ė Two heartbreaking seasons in a row havenít left Brian Davidson and the Bear Poop demoralized. In fact, the Poop are confident that they can win the AFC East in 2003. Optimism has spread faster than a Colorado wild fire at Poop camp and if Davidson can draft well later this month, the Poop will be the favorites to win their division.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Brian Davidson

Who will start at RB? Itís no secret that the Poop have the worst backfield in the league. It consists of 3 veterans Bettis, Dayne and Lamar Smith all of who are likely looking at backup roles this year. Davidson will likely be forced to go to the Run ní Shoot formation and pray that a starting RB will be left in the draft when the Poop pick in the mid-first round.

Best Training Camp Battle

McNair vs. Brady. Tom Brady heads into camp as the teamís starter but donít count out the veteran McNair. Brady led the NFL with 29 TD passes last season but McNair was just as efficient down the stretch. Oh, and donít forget 3rd String Marc Bulger who wonít be cut according to Davidson.

Rising Star

Donít look now but Chad Johnson has emerged ever since he was called out a year ago by yours truly. Johnson is the center of many trade rumors already in this young season. Will Davidson part ways with the talented receiver in order to pick up a much needed RB or will he keep the Bengal with an eye toward the future?

Probable Starters

Brady, Bettis, (Chad) Johnson, (Troy) Brown, (Santana) Moss, Free Agent TE, Carney, (Tim) Brown

Final Observation

The Poop are still two players away from putting together a Championship contender but they have the depth at QB and WR to trade for a RB. The Poop will contend for the division crown and look to get Davidson back to the playoffs for the first time since 2000.