Postcards from Camp: Hoochie Llamas

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 24, 2006

Remember the Titans Llamas
Jake Delhomme
Already a leader in the community, Jake Delhomme could be the face of the new-look Llamas

SHELTON, CT The YFFL's forgotten team. The "Luke Dunlap" of the YFFL. The poor man's Columbus Blue Jackets. Delaware. Call the Llamas what you want but make no mistake, Kevin Sansone is out to make headlines this year. History, or lack there of, might tell us otherwise. After all, they have yet to make the playoffs or the Stupor Bowl in their 3 plus years of existence and their only Pro Bowler ever was Jay Feely (2005). But with a roster that is about as balanced as a roster can get in the AFC East, the Llamas are the pre-season favorites to win the division and bow out in the AFC Wild Card game to a vastly superior AFC West team. The Llamas, a team with as bleak of a history as there is in fantasy sports, are finally ready to turn heads.

Critical Question Facing Owner Kevin Sansone

Who is going to be the poster boy of the new-look Llamas? If Kev Sansone is going to take this franchise to the next level, he is going to need someone to be in the spotlight. The Llamas have never been the "headline" story on but if that opportunity finally comes this year, who will have their image on the website for the entire league to see? Jake Delhomme has that NFL Super Bowl losing QB swagger but Julius Jones is the trendy pick.

Player To Watch

Chester Taylor, RB - Again, a mysterious cloud hovers over almost the entire Llamas roster. Who is Chester Taylor and what kind of fantasy numbers should we expect from him? If the Llamas plan on holding off the Poop in the AFC East, Taylor will almost certainly need to score 60 points this season. Julius Jones and whomever the Llamas draft 5th overall will contribute but Taylor's contribution should ultimately determine the team's fate.

Projected Starting Lineup

Delhomme, Jones, Taylor, Glenn, Johnson, Draft Pick, Feely, #No. 5 Draft Pick


Let's face it, the AFC East isn't going to be pretty. I don't think any team will finish above .500. The Llamas do have some building blocks though, especially if Julius Jones and Chester Taylor pan out. Hopefully they don't turn into Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell at the stroke of midnight. The Llamas should be able to land a LenDale White-caliber player in the draft and Kevin Sansone is always able to find Freddie Jones-caliber tight ends in the latter rounds. Andre Johnson and Terry Glenn are dependable at WR while Samie Parker and Dennis Northcutt will fill in on bye weeks. If the Llamas have a good draft and fill their gaping holes, expect them to get to 6 wins, lead the division in points, make the playoffs and finally make a name for themselves.


6-7; 1st AFC East; 470 points