Postcards from Camp: Apple Eaters

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 28, 2003

QUINCY, MA – The Eaters training camp has gone smoothly here outside of Boston. There have been few distractions and the players say veteran owner Chris Davidson has been overly optimistic about the prospects of 2003. Davidson returned last year from a dreadful 2001 in which many owners and players questioned whether or not he still had the same passion for the game. But a successful 2002 season, a season that had him on the ballot for Owner of the Year, has put a hop back in Davidson’s step. Blessed with a nice mix of veteran and young talent and with a QB of the future, the Eaters are prepared to challenge in the AFC West.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Chris Davidson

Is Harrington ready to lead this team to the playoffs? Harrington appears to be the QB of the future for the Eaters. However, many owners around the league feel the Eaters have a strong enough lineup this year to compete for a playoff spot. Davidson has an early draft pick and will have to decide if he should take another QB that can get him to the playoffs this year, or stick with Harrington and hope he has a breakout year. The Eaters are another team to watch closely on draft day.

Rising Star

Joey Harrington. Harrington finally has a valuable WR in Charles Rogers and the Harrington-Rogers combination should dominate for the next decade. Harrington doesn’t have to look over his shoulder either as Chris Weinke is somehow still on a YFFL roster despite being the back-up to fantasy studs Rodney Peete and Jake Delhomme down in Carolina. Davidson likes Harrington’s potential and we build the Eaters around him.

Probable Starters

Harrington, Smith, Zereoue, Harrison, Gardner, Dilger, Brien, Robinson

Final Observations

I had a chance to sit down with Owner Chris Davidson last week and here is what the 10-year veteran had to say about the Eaters chances in the fierce AFC West. “Well, when I read that Dugas said he had the division locked up, I posted that quote on the bulletein board in hopes that it would motivate the players. I honestly believe we can compete with the Merry Men. It’s a competitive division and arguably the best from top to bottom.” The Eaters success will hinge on the RBs. Emmitt Smith and Amos Zereoue need to find the endzone at least 8 times each for the Eaters to be in the playoff picture. Marvin Harrison, Koren Robinson and Rod Gardner should average close to 20 points a game between them. The Eaters will surprise many teams in 2003.