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Are the Mallards exempt from cuts this year? Is Musa Smith finally ready to break out?

Posted By: Kevin Sansone  Date: Aug 26, 2005 1:46pm

i sent them in at 10pm last night

Posted By: Steve Dugas  Date: Aug 26, 2005 4:57pm

Steve was up late contemplating a straight up trade - Musa for Justing Fargas

Posted By: Anthony Aceto  Date: Aug 26, 2005 6:55pm

Well since jon is gone for the weekend and i dont know how to up date that list here are my cuts

Vinny Testeverde
Jermaine Wiggins
Musa Smith
Matt Schaub
Tony Hollings

Posted By: Steve Dugas  Date: Aug 26, 2005 8:22pm

These should be updated now guys - sorry, I totally passed over them before I left on Friday.

Posted By: Jon Kinsman  Date: Aug 29, 2005 7:33am

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