Dec 04, 2018 9:37am Jon Kinsman

Awards Ballot

Hey guys, thanks for another great regular season! Congratulations to everyone who made the postseason. Next week's playoff match-ups are set, so make sure to set your lineups accordingly.

I'll be sending out the ballot for awards next week, so now is your time to lobby for anyone you'd like to see on there. Please post your messages in this thread. Best of luck!

Dec 05, 2018 12:04pmAnthony Aceto

Mahomes mvp I think the only debate is around who else goes on the ballot.

Have to say Gurley and Brees would be fighting it out for 2nd in the mvp race.

Rookie- has to be Saquon, but Phillip Lindsay undrafted to help lead the Buddies to their first division title since 2013.

Kerryon, Chubb, Sony were all solid contributors and probably belong on the ballot, but I wanted to give credit to my man Josh Allen for a huge 18pt performance in week 13 to get the Refs into he playoffs!

Macor Misa-

Strange year for a lot of players this year - and former stars making large contributions with zero expectations, which would be a new type of Macor Misa hero. Probably James Connor, but need to highlight Luck with a massive bounce back year after coming in with no expectations, as well as AP making big contributions down the stretch to keep the WG undefeated. Also James White 80+ out of nowhere, and Phillip Lindsay 70+ after going undrafted.

Owner: ME! 2nd Mike, 3rd Bri.

Dec 06, 2018 7:28amNick Wood

Agree with All of Aceto's takes outside of Owner of Year - Mike deserves a little more credit for the Buddies turnaround. Did anyone expect that team to be holding onto the AFC bye before the season started?!? Plus, the GM decision continues to pay dividends as the Chickens just won their 8th division title in 11 years since I began calling the shots for the Chickens... (See, its not just Steve who can self promote in the forum!)

Dec 09, 2018 9:38pmMike Kinsman

I would not sleep well if I did not lobby for owner of the year:

Buddies were ranked last in Week 1 power rankings. No expectations, and finished with a bye - as well as being the 4th highest scoring team, and having the 5th worst defense... White Guys had an AMAZING year, but had the best defense in the league by 36 points to the 2nd place defense (Tangs). Interesting stat: Tangs won 7 games (one win away from playoffs) scoring 200 points less than the White Guys.
Chickens had second best record in the league with the best offense, while giving up over 100 more points than the White Guys.
The Buddies trade of the 2017 Rookie for the Year, for a struggling starting WR, has paid off to opening the door for Mahomes (the no-question 2018 MVP ). In addition, the trade for Cooper was a calculated moved for 2020 that has begun to pay off this year. Cooper is a free agent in 2019, so my trade was calculated for Cooper moving away from the Raiders next year... Fortunately, the pay off has helped the Buddies WR production (As Steve pointed out in the Week 2 ranking: 0 Points from the WR's since week 6 of 2017). Buddies scored 80 points at WR this season!
Everyone I spoke with after the 2018 draft could not believe I took Mayfield with the #5 pick. I was in desperate need for a wide out. Mayfield provided more confidence in trading Watson for a more proven WR. He also helped propel the Buddies toward a pivotal Week 12 win against the Merry Men. In week 12, Mayfield dropped his hammer (dick) on Steve's forehead with 24 points!
Everyone I have spoken to is wondering when the Chickens will "die". Nick continues to keep the Chickens in Championship hunt, and an over .600 lifetime winning percentage. Trades for Adams and Allen have been instrumental, and James Connor helped an aging team keep two over 100 point RBs as a staple in the Chickens' weekly lineup.
In 2018, has anyone had better Waiver Wire moves than the Buddies? Lindsay and Ware.
The defense rests...

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