Dec 02, 2014 1:01pm Steve Dugas

Big Boys

Congrats Chris on returning the Big Boys to the playoffs for the first time since George W. Bush was president. Good luck this week against the Chickens. The whole league will be pulling for you.

Dec 02, 2014 3:00pmNick Wood

It is ok, Steve, I know you need a team to root for considering you're on the outside looking in.

Only trouble is, who knows whether Chris D will even know he needs to set a lineup this week. He auto loads his week 1-13 lineups weeks in advance and walks away.

Dec 03, 2014 8:23amChris Davidson

Erroneous on all accounts! Thanks Steve, I appreciate the support. The Boys beat the Chickens once already this year, hopefully lightning will strike twice.

Dec 03, 2014 8:34amNick Wood

He's ALIVE!!!!! Chris Davidson, everyone!

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