Nov 17, 2014 11:44pm Mike Kinsman


Next time you pick against both my teams, you will be locked out of your ability to change lineups.

Nov 18, 2014 7:56amNick Wood

Suck it, toothache boy! Or have you lost all your teeth and then I probably should tell you to gum it!

The Nick's Picks (Registered Trademark) gambling section of the YFFL website is not affiliated with the front office of the Chunky Chickens. If you wish to take umbrage with the Nick's Pick selections, please contact the the Frank H. Harrison Middle School at (207) 846-2499 and ask for either Marsha Newick or Bill Shardlow.

If you are going to complain beyond that, you'll have my enforcer, Brad Ciechomski, at your door in a matter of hours.

So, I'd suggest you keep your trap closed on the gambling matter unless you want Ciehomski to take out any remaining teeth you have with a trumpet. He'll be happy to submit the Buddies lineup in your absence.

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