Nov 07, 2014 12:04pm Ryan Gibbons

An incredible fun fact

How is this possible?!?!

Fun Fact!
Anquan Boldin's score in Week 9 was the first regular season TD catch made by a Chickens' receiver since Week 10, 2013 (Percy Harvin had a rushing TD in Week 2). Their receivers have combined for just 46 points this season, the lowest of all teams, and 9 WRs have scored equal to or more than that total this season.

Nov 09, 2014 7:53pmMike Kinsman

Oh Gibby...

Very good copy and paste skills.

Fun Fact:

Manning, in this week alone, has scored more than both of your quarterbacks have all year (individually combined) in their starts.

There's one thing that does not lie - statistics. When you have a second, check out the left side of my team pages. Immediately after, click on this link:

You can be Kim Jong Un, I will be Jordan. Feel free to write me a letter. The Llamas can be North Korea.

Kim Jong Un (You), the leader of North Korea (the Llamas), Is the least desirable place in the world for any American (Football players).

You mention in one of your past articles that you and Kev will "meet" at some point to discuss the future of the Llamas. I think that's exactly what you should do.

Nick and I never meet. Simply because winners just win and losers meet.

Nov 11, 2014 12:00amRyan Gibbons

Your whole analogy is flawed. The Beans are North Korea.

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