Oct 15, 2014 2:07pm Steve Dugas

Players Available

The guys on my teams have obviously been too distracted by the Kate Upton photo leaks to perform up to par this season. Because of this, our place in the standings, and rest of season outlook, I've decided to place a few players on the trade block.

Jeremy Maclin
Jordan Reed
Mike Glennon

Marques Colston
Michael Crabtree

A few of the other teams out there could really use WR who is putting up some points this year and I think Maclin would be a great addition. Shoot me an email or text.

Oct 15, 2014 5:31pmMike Kinsman


If the league wanted to trade for dog shit, we would simply have you wander around your back yard with a shop and save bag and post pictures.

Crabtree is a woman and there are better WRs on the waiver wire than Colston.

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