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P Manning outscored the Merry Men by 15 points.

Do yourself a favor and deliver the Merry Men championship banner, that you have hanging in your garage, across the street to Kate Barker - as well as your user name and log in password to

Spend your weekends buying Christmas gifts at Toys R Us... This season is in the books, pal.

Posted By: Mike Kinsman  Date: Oct 08, 2013 11:55am

Perhaps we could add another Peyton Manning watch on the front page, see whether he outscores the Merry Men each week or not.

On a side note if I had kept Ray Rice I would have had just enough points to outscore Manning by 1.

Merry Men only have 3 potentially winnable games left on the schedule, going to be a long slog to the finish.

Posted By: Steve Dugas  Date: Oct 08, 2013 12:24pm

Steve - Don't go to Toys R Us, prices are ridiculous and it is just screaming kids all over the place. Amazon is probably the better option for xmas shopping--especially if you can get the free shipping

Posted By: Kevin Sansone  Date: Oct 08, 2013 12:42pm

Over under on the Bronco's Jag's is 28 points, what's the over under on Manning TD's this week? Realistically it has to be 6, not a good week to take on the Buddies

Posted By: Kurt Willette  Date: Oct 09, 2013 7:50am

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