Nov 09, 2004 6:30pm Bobby Sansone

Tatum Bell Revisited

I guess only time will tell with Tatum Bell. Kevin, I don't know why you are DEFENDING Bell, you were the one who got rid of him. Aceto should have wrote that rebuttal. I still believe that Issac Bruce AND a draft pick for Bell is a steal. So does Bob Sansone, Sr. That's a lot for someone who started the season below Griffin and Hearst on the Broncos depth chart. But we will see I guess...

Jon, can you put these columns in a Time Capsule and dig them up in 2006? Thanks!

Nov 10, 2004 1:52pmJon Kinsman

They're going in right next to that "Matt Hasselbeck will be this year's MVP" prediction Bob...

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