Oct 04, 2012 12:35am Bobby Sansone

Tannehill Deal

There's been an uproar about possible collusion on my part for not pursuing a deal with the Merry Men but pursuing one with the Llamas. I had to go back to a Google Chat History to remember. As you can see no clear offer was every proposed. And with this wide range of topics how the hell and I supposed to remember that he wanted Tannehill in the first place?!?

Steven: whadda ya want for Tannehill?

me: Steve. Don't panic, you're 3-1 and will coast to the division title

Steven: I have no QB week 5. Locker is out several weeks. No QB and no TE week 5, plus I still have to come up with a kicker week 10

me: Is Gostkowski available?

Steven: I'd prefer to keep him

me: Is DeMaryius Thomas available?

Steven: Merry Men are a very shallow team, I really only have 4 or 5 good players, I really only can afford to trade one of them if it’s part of a blockbuster type of deal

me: perhaps I can interest you in Matt Cassell?

Steven: does he come with a bottle of Tums?

me: he gets garbage time points

Steven: do you like Bilal Powell?

me: I don't like any Jets

Steven: haha

me: they are about to get shutout two weeks in a row. This time on MNF for the whole country to see

Steven: when Tebow takes over the running game will take off. I’m just hoping Powell has taken over by then

me: Neither Powell or Greene can bust a run longer than 5 yards

Steven: I look forward to checking out this Jets team next week

me: Ryan Matthews is bust. He is the Miles Austin of RBs

Steven: hey hey hey easy on Austin. He's having a good year

me: if Matthews was on the Pats he'd be 4th on the depth chart. No way would Bellicek put up with him

me: Austin is about due for a hamstring injury

me: Have you heard from Nick much lately?

Steven: no, not as much.

me: he just IMed me and no mention of fantasy football whatsoever. Very strange…

Steven: Mike called up last night to rub it in. Have you seen American Reunion yet?

Steven: I emailed Aceto last week about Big Ben… never heard from him. I wonder what a Blaine Gabbert goes for?

Oct 05, 2012 10:54amNick Wood

Well, Tannehill would have made a great Merry Man! Too bad the deal fell through the cracks, all to the Llamas benefit! Steve, you probably should work on being more clear with your intentions in the future.

Oct 05, 2012 12:21pmRyan Gibbons

Agreed- Steve, state your intentions, none of this hard to get stuff. And Bob, thanks for colluding with me on this deal, I owe you one.

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