Sep 09, 2011 2:10pm Nick Wood

NFC West Preview

An unproven rookie TE, listed no.2 on his own team's depth chart ahead of Gates? I think it is safe to say we can toss these predictions out the window, Chickens over/under for victories in 2010 is 8 and we'll take the OVER!

Sep 09, 2011 10:26pmMike Kinsman


I understand that you (along with Kevin) spend 90 percent of your lives talking about the YFFl and beating off to Rotoworld, but this Lance Kendricks prediction ridiculous. Gates, when healthy, has never scored less than 70 points in a season. He had 80+ last year, and the second best tight end was in the 40's. The wins projection is ridiculous

I also understand that no one likes my teams. I except that, but simply, if you would please be rational, it would be appreciated. just because I do not participate in your google chat circle jerks does not mean that my teams should be penalized.

On another note, the Buddies do not deserve a last place power ranking. You heard it here first: Joe Flacco tears his ACL in week 4.

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