Dec 15, 2010 6:10pm Anthony Aceto

Worst Move of the Year that Nobody Is Talking About (to my face anyways...)

Refs cutting Michael Vick...while the biggest talent gap on my roster is at QB. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Dec 15, 2010 8:32pmNick Wood

I don't think there is an easy way to see his history with the Refs. Only thing I can find is that he was with the Buddies prior to the Eaters because I think that is the last team he scored points for. We probably would have forgotten completely had you not mentioned it. Good thing you don't still have him because you'd be the SB Favorite for sure.

Talking about confessions of boneheaded moves, the Chickens are likely to be beaten this week by a former player I drafted and traded away (Jamaal Charles) for Kevin Curtis back before Charles had scored a point and the Chickens were hurting at WR. (Obviously)
I'd love to have Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy in our backfield this weekend.

Dec 15, 2010 10:00pmKevin Sansone

Dropping Vick was bad, but the McCoy-Jones trade was probably worse. McCoy outscored Jones by 72 points. yikes.

Dec 16, 2010 10:58amKevin Sansone

but yes, dropping vick was the worst move that no one is talking about

Dec 16, 2010 11:20amNick Wood

What are the odds Chris Davidson does not get V-Jax and Brian Westbrook into his Eater lineup by tonight's game?
I have no leg to stand on as far as putting up a stink about his participation level, but a founding YFFL veteran should seriously step up for the group if Chris fails to do so.

Dec 16, 2010 12:57pmChris Davidson

I will keep this short and sweet. Not sure why I get criticized so much in this league? I submit my line-ups, I put in for free agents, I respond to your trade offers (sometimes late). I try to win games. I do a lot of research, albeit mostly for other teams I have. I love fantasy football and I respect the dedication, desire, and hard work you guys put in. Just because I am not best friends with you guys doesn't mean I don't care. Sure, the Eaters were awful this year, but you try and win when your first round pick is out for the year, your star quarterback goes down, the only decent running back you have misses almost the entire year, and your top receiver is suspended for most of the season. No team could over come those things, especially a team with little talent to start with.

If you really have concerns about me being an owner please address them directly and in a respectful manner and I will act accordingly. I must be missing something here.

Dec 16, 2010 2:19pmRyan Gibbons

I have some concerns Chris- first, why don't we ever hang out? 800 miles shouldn't be too far for you to come for a visit. Also, ever hear of Skype? I'm sure we both have webcams.

In all honesty I thought the criticism has been a little over the top though for all the reasons you mentioned. In a league like this as many injuries as you had were killer. That being said, I have enjoyed watching the historically bad Eaters take the field every week. Before Vick, single digits were constantly in play. Very exciting!

Dec 16, 2010 3:16pmNick Wood

Why is everyone so sensitive?

Chris, I don't think any of us have said nor claimed to not consider you a friend. IF you think otherwise, that's something we're going to have to accept. Also, as I've said over and over, don't take the criticism to heart. Part of the fun of a competitive league is giving people shit for bad moves or failures of teams deemed as title contenders. If we did not appreciate the competition with everyone in the league we would ignore each other all together like a dwarf at basketball tryouts.

Case in point, how pumped was everyone (except a couple of us) to put in their two cents when the Boys beat the Chickens this year to end our bid for a perfect season AND then when we lost to the Eaters that provided their only win for that team?

I'm willing to take as much criticism and being made fun of as I'm willing to dish out. Which everyone knows is a lot... But, that being said, I seriously do enjoy being part of this league as I respect each and every person who participates in it a great deal.

Expectations in this league are very high as the talent level and competitiveness of the owners and GM's is considered to be on point with the expectation level.

Dec 16, 2010 3:39pmNick Wood

One last thing to remember - With the criticism and high level of expectations, no one is singling anyone else out. We've all been a focus of league-wide criticism and the butt of jokes. And I can provide you with an example of each one of us:

1. Aceto - Draft issues, we are all aware of that topic and the criticism that followed.
2. Chris D - Your tardiness at responding to trade offers and your inability to let us know from the get-go that you don't have access to the email address at school that even the commish sends info to.
3. Me - I was given a team to run that was extremely talented to begin with and have won nothing, yet still run my mouth like I'm in the midst of a dynasty. Everyone's quick to point out when the team faulters.
4. Mike - He's disappeared off the face of the YFFL planet for the past two months. He goes well over the edge with his comments to Dugas and others.
5. Gibby - Made a trade that arguably should have returned him more than what they actually got. Heard quite a bit about that.
6. Kevin - Failed to get rid of the Favre at the deadline and still has nightmares about his trading of Peyton Manning last season. He's heard plenty about both.
7. Jon - In the minds of some, single handedly walked the Refugees into the playoffs where they have since instilled fear in the entire league that they will win yet another title. Heard plenty about that.
8. Bri - he tried to stand strong and not listen to anyone's suggestions about making a move or two to acquire some assistance at RB with the Poop that could have had both teams in the playoffs.
9. Bobby - Trades at the beginning of the season that essentially wrote the obituary for his Beans team. We know all about that.
10. Steve - DO I seriously need to provide an example here?

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