Dec 08, 2010 3:18pm Nick Wood


I know I sent this to everyone via email already, but I thought it would be easier for us to see everything on the site:

Could be a combo recommendation here for MVP:
* MVP - Rivers - Led the Chickens to the best record in the YFFL AND the 3rd highest scoring season ever. Individually ranked 5th overall in scoring. His presence in the locker room and the extra time he's spent in the film room have really paid off for this team.
* MVP - Gates - Scored nearly double what the next highest scoring TE had this season where he missed time due to injuries to both feet. Played through the pain and did it all for the success of the Chickens.

* Rookie of the Year - Mike Williams (TB), Dez Bryant, Sam Bradford, not sure which way to lean at this point as all have done really well this season.

* Macor Misa - Peyton Hillis, without a doubt. We all thought about picking him up at some point early in the season, but thought for sure he'd be suspended for taking one of his plethera of drugs: HGH, Steroids, Flintstone's chewy vitamins, and Horse Tranquilizers. Rumor has it he just would tank a few Dunlap Drinks (Red Bull & Vodkas) before kickoff and be good to go.

* Owner of the Year: Ok, Bobby and Kev, don't go saying it was a bad year for owners considering 3 out of the last 5 OOY had a combined record of 17-9. Two out of the last three years you two had that record and won the award. What was Mike's combined record this season? 17-9. He made two important decisions this year; continuing to give me his full faith in my control over the Chickens franchise and asking for assistance with the Buddies draft because of a work obligation. (Mental note to self there Aceto). Being an owner knows how to be in control of and be a part of a successful management team.

Other Notable Events of 2010:
Best 2nd Round Pick of 2010: TE - Aaron Hernandez - Merry Men
Best 3rd Round Pick of 2010: WR - Mario Manningham - Chickens
Best 4th Round pick of 2010: QB - Mike Vick - Eaters. Chris Deserves at least to be recognized for this.
Best 5th Round Pick of 2010: RB - Brandon Jackson - Buddies(44 Points)

Dec 08, 2010 3:21pmNick Wood


I'll throw out some nominations from the Thugs:

Rookie: Mike Williams (TB) - Williams started every game for me and finished 10th among WRs in scoring and only 2 points behind Dez Bryant. Williams outscored Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Desean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Mike Wallace, Colston, Fitzgarald and Harvin. He is also the only rookie to start on a playoff team with the exception of Rob Gronkowski.

MVP: Peyton Hillis - Hillis put up 106 points in just 10 starts and lead the Thugs to a 9-2 record after he was picked up from waivers. His season was eerily similar to Ahman Green's 2003 MVP campaign.

Mica Misor: Peyton Hillis - First player ever to appear on both the MVP and Mica Misor ballots?

Owner of the Year: I remove my name from any consideration. The Beans were atrocious this season.


Dec 08, 2010 3:22pmNick Wood


Thanks bob. Thugs had a great year. Here are some of my llama and husker thoughts

Rookie: No one on my teams. My vote is split right now between Williams, bryant, and bradford.

MVP: I'll throw Brees name in the ring again for the third year in a row. he may not have led the league in points this year (only 6 behind) but the llamas are in the playoffs for the 4th straight year (longest active streak in the yffl) and brees was the only constant on an injury marred season for the llamas. Gibbs and I were without the following players for at least 1 week during the season: Addai, hart, Johnson, britt, Driver, Naanee, kaeding. That is almost a full starting lineup.

Arian Foster scored 144 points this season in what was essentially his rookie year. He took advantage in the scoring change and ran with it (no pun intended). The 144 points was the highest among non-qb's and the highest by an rb since 2006. I don't expect him to win since the huskers didn't make the playoffs, but he had a great season none the less

Macor misa: Peyton Hillis should win this award. I could make an argument for foster, but the reality is hillis wasn't on people's draft boards. most of us had never heard of him.

owner: i'll keep my name out there for having both teams over 500 but yikes what a bad year for yffl owners.

Dec 12, 2010 11:05pmSteve Dugas

MVP: Hillis, Rivers
ROY: Bryant
MM: Hillis

I would like to throw my hat into the ring for owner of the year. I think other than Mike I am the most deserving of the owner of the year award. I led the Merry Men to more wins than they had in the past two years combined. I made good use of the waiver wire, adding solid contributors Mike Tolbert, Nate Burleson, and Tony Moeaki. I might also have found something in Blair White and James Starks, but the jury is still out on them. Most years we vote for OoY based on win totals but I think this is the year to look at some of the other aspects involved in managing a team in this incredibly competitive league. I completed 8 trades from draft week to the deadline, 2 by the Mallards and 6 by the Merry Men; picking up a pile of draft picks and players who played big roles this year and others who will in the seasons to come.
I realize the Mallards had a disappointing season, a season that had expectations that were sky-high. While I realize luck is a huge part of fantasy football the Mallards certainly more than their fair share of bad luck this season. The Mallards finished year 5th in scoring, but dead last in points allowed. We had more than 70 points scored against us over the league average of 560, take away the average of 6 points a week and we might have won another 2-4 games, but those are the breaks. We didnít make any moves in season with the Mallards because we started off 1-4 and it didnít make much sense to break up a team that should be right back in the title hunt next year.
So while I didnít make the playoffs I think I deserve to make it on to the ballot for my efforts this season and I think earned a few votes with my efforts this past season. Thanks and good luck to all who are left in the playoffs.

Dec 13, 2010 3:08amAnthony Aceto

Zombies? I need to go on a bit of a rant here:

Refugees have been constructed to succeed over the next 3-5 years and the rest of the league will need to deal with matter how badly Bri wants to whine about it in the forum...maybe he should talk to his bro about league commitment if he really feels like opining on the subject. No I am not talking about Droid and the swing that he worked hard to perfect in Delaney's front lawn as a failed prospect like a young Kevin Romine.

I think everyone needs to be honest in their assessment and realize that if Bri didn't have Brady he would be a complete disaster. Bri, maybe you should put it to a vote to kick me out of the league, however, I will definitely show up on your doorstep to face you like a man if that happens intead of a whining weenie in the forum. You are a piece of trash for suggesting that and I will not ever forget that. Nobody ever heard me out for why i missed the draft though I realize that I would be very pissed if anyone else held up my evening for being absent and I deserve plenty of criticism for it.

No GM is BEING NAMED to the either of my teams EVER. Speaking frankly, I think the entire concept is a piece of shit. If anything, we should each own 1 a GM role is a way for an owner to still claim successes if the team wins a championship without doing any owner work.

I think Nick Wood has been an incredible addition to the league (but he needs to chill out on criticizing other owners until his influence actually sways a playoff win or loss).

Regardless of the fact that Andre Johnson could easily pour a 3 or 4 TD game on me tomorrow, the Refs had a great season considering extremely unlucky seasons on horrible QB play, MJD and Chris Johson having average seasons, and Nicks going down with an injury...but the team still performed with remarkable consistency.

Refugees are a high quality team.

My inconsistencies as an owner has exposed the team to well-deserved criticism but I love this league and consider myself privilaged to be a part of it. The intelligence and commitment are absolutely unmatched by a bunch of guys that I have ton of respect for.

I look forward to seeing you dudes over the holidays in Y Town if you make it back.

Dec 13, 2010 7:42pmBobby Sansone

I do need to apologize for writing that Aceto started Mike Nugent in weeks 11 & 12 when that was actually not the case. I thought that was the case (but didn't check the boxscores) and found out later it wasn't. Sorry about that.

I am already preparing myself for the worst case scenario: a Refugees-Chickens Super Bowl. I HATE both of those teams.

Dec 13, 2010 11:42pmBrian Davidson

I actually didn't just wine on the forum, i sat in the presence of the 2 people that put the most work into this league and was just as annoyed as they were on draft day.... and decided to actually talk about it.... So yeah, I'm guilty of that... i bet you won't hold next years draft up though... so i guess thats all i care about... Bring on week 15!

Dec 14, 2010 1:12amRyan Gibbons

What a heartbreaker- 10 yards away from the win. I thought for sure when the texans got the ball in OT the llamas had it... The zombies live to fight yet another day. This is starting to feel like sox-yanks pre-2004.

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