Dec 07, 2010 9:39am Nick Wood

Too Bad Steve

Really too bad Steve, just looked at the box scores and had Jon changed his lineup when Percy Harvin was ruled OUT, you'd be in the playoffs... You've got to realize that sometimes it just was not meant to be.

Dec 07, 2010 1:20pmSteve Dugas

Yeah Nick its a tough loss to take. I worked really hard to get the Merry Men to this position only to come up short. Luckily, I have found sponsors who are willing to fund the YFFL Invitational Tournament (YFFLIT). All teams with winning records that don't make the playoffs get in. We have some great first round matchups to look forward to.

#1 Huskers vs #4 White Guys

#2 Merry Men vs #3 Buddies

Thanks to Anthony's Drycleaners for all their support!

Dec 07, 2010 2:54pmNick Wood

Sorry Steve, but this is an unsanctioned event due to alligations of Anthony's Dry Cleaners recent involvement with the Tangs Point Shaving scandal in week 13, therefore it should not have any name affiliation to the YFFL. I'd suggest you change the name to the Steve's Hopeless Invitational Tournament, or SHIT for short.

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