Dec 02, 2010 12:00pm Nick Wood


I feel for you Bri, Bobby just jinxed your club this week with his rankings. Hopefully you don't lose a player to injury because of it.
IF you don't believe me, let's take a look back at Sansone's 2010 Season Calls:

He claimed the Cowboys were going to be incredibly dominant on offense this year. Guess the Chickens are not upset about that as McCoy landed in our lap because of it. But hey, Felix Jones has scored 22 points this season, not bad, same as McCoy had in week 2 alone.

That trade with the Mallards, you know how I feel about it. Still shaking my head as the other options were much better and Cutler has been solid.

I may have said he paved the yellow brick road for the Mallards to win the title, that does not mean that Steve was going to take them there, he often prefers back roads to busy highways. That sometimes gets you lost.

IF you look back at Bobby's NFC East prediction, IF things play out this weekend, he had it completely backwards with that as well. Everyone else's predictions had at least one of the right teams near the top.

The NFC East MVP, Rodgers, I'll give you that. The question is, don't you usually think the division's MVP helps lead his team somewhere other than last place!?!?

Most Overrated in Megatron? WRONG 2nd in the NFL in TD Receptions.

Most Underrated in Thomas Jones? WRONG, scored a solid 12 Points for Davidson this season, 41 RBs ahead of him this year.

Breakthrough player in Sanchez? I think the guy you past over in the draft(Bradford) for Kolb looks a little better than he does. (Kev, mental note for a Christmas gift for both Bobby and Marcy, a size Youth Medium Jets #6 jersey for each, they both think he's hot.)

Week 1 Power Rankings:
* Ranked #8 "Aging Chickens looking to dump veterans by mid-season." Like how you jinxed that one into a positive for the Chickens, thanks!
* Started the Brothers ranked at #14? Below the Beans?!?
* "Watch out for Jonathan Stewart this year." Yeah, if you work at a brain trauma center. He has had a better season(14 points) than Thomas Jones though...

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