Oct 21, 2004 11:11am Bobby Sansone

Message From World Champion

Must be real tough winning three in a row vs. the likes of the Poop, 'tangs, and Refugees...how did you do it!?!?!? Those teams are clearly the class of the YFFL. The Llamas strength of schedule is equivalent to that of UConn basketball's out of conference schedule -Yale, Cenn Conn St, Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart school for the Blind.

The Thugs meanwhile have no "Yale's" or "Quinnipiac's" on their schedule. So there is a big difference between "Llamas 3-3" and "Thugs 3-3". In the AFC West, if you score 50 points, it's probably NOT enough to win. In the AFC East, if you score 30 points, it's probably ENOUGH to win. I have to play the Men, Eater and Buddies twice in addition to a freakin' rivalry game with the all-might Chickens. Where's my Sam Houston State cupcake game?????
I wouldn't mind seeing a rule change that awards the wild card playoff spot to the team with the most Points scored. Anyone else have an opinion?

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