Sep 08, 2010 7:18pm Mike Kinsman

Power Rankings

Are an absolute abortion. I have the best quarterback in the league and I'm ranked 11th? Has it been forgotten that this is a quarterback league? I guess so...

Also, my other team at 8? I guess having a top 3 quarterback, the best tight end and a wealth of other talent doesn't carry much weight either...

Can I ask why the Thugs are ahead of the refugees? The Thugs will be lucky to win 7 games...

Chickens - 60
Thugs - 28

Sep 09, 2010 2:01amBobby Sansone

1. Buddies will compete with Manning and Moss but the rest of the lineup is suspect.

2. Chickens have the making of a 7-6 team at best.

3. Refugees shot themselves in the foot when Aceto failed to show up for the draft. MJD's knee is a huge question mark and McNabb is in for a tough sesaon. The Redskins skill players are Portis, LJ, Moss, Galloway, Cooley and Thomas. Not too many play makers there. Whoever has Rashard Jennings is sitting in a pretty good position.

Sep 09, 2010 6:34pmMike Kinsman

And McNabb had so many weapons in Phili? He's still a two to three touchdown a game QB; especially under a Shanahan offense.

I just think that ratings and predictions are based too much on how people think young talent will do. The Older players' CONSISTENT production is ignored.

This point goes full circle into how much I think owners in the league put so much weight into the draft. 80% of picks are a bust. More good players have been picked up off waivers and by trading for older players that people lose faith in. after the first 5 picks, the draft is a pure crap shoot. Aceto hasn't shown up for a draft since 1992 and he has won the Super bowl three out of the last four years due to great waiver wire moves, trades and picking the right people when drafting in the top 5.

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