Dec 17, 2009 9:10am Anthony Aceto

8 Observations/Similarities between Chickens and the U

1) Was Randall Hill a member of both teams? I believe he spend significant time with the Chickens.

2) Jerome Brown's career similar to Steve Slaton's.

3) Steve Walsh's brutal arm in Tecmo Bowl (not Chickens-related but needed to throw it in).

4) I watched the U on my Visio.

5) Easily most hated team in both leagues.

6) Dennis Erickson = Nick Wood (minus a title)

7) Nick Wood in "Nick's Picks" = Lee Corso here:

8) Both always lose to the peoples' teams (ND / Jon)

Dec 17, 2009 11:18amNick Wood

Have you noticed that THE U is turning the corner as we turn into the decade of the 10s? Same thing is happening with this team, we'll be back and everyone will be hating us just as much as in the past decade, but titles will be in order, titles will be in order.

An unnamed source has informed us that Mike and Nick are contemplating changing the team name from Chunky Chickens to THE Chunky Chickens, the kids would call it THE CC.

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