Dec 11, 2009 1:14pm Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Playoff Edition - Round 1

The playoffs are here!

Game 1: Refugees vs. Llamas
Comment: Despite the Refs having some quality matchups with their RBs and McNabb playing the Giants in the spotlight Sunday Night game, I still can’t go against Drew Brees right now. That team is more excited about finishing the regular season with an undefeated record than they are about winning the Super Bowl, so that only bodes well for the law Firm of Sansone, Gibbons, and Hoochie Llamas LLC. Johnny Knox has dropped off the face of the earth, Hakeem Nicks is too inconsistent, and who knows which Patriots running back is going to get the bulk of the carries this weekend or any weekend for that matter. Despite Barbers quick decline from fantasy greatness, Addai is still enough to add the few extra points that team Brees will need to move on to face the Thugs next week in an all-Sansone matchup. Rumors are swirling that the elder Bob Sansone, Tyler Technology mob consigliere, will be overseeing the match up with an unbiased eye to make sure that neither brother tries to sabotage the other.

GUEST PICK: Ryan Gibbons, “Assistant to the GM” - Llamas
Game 2: Chickens vs. Dragons
Comment: In this matchup between the Dragons and the Chargers, I mean Chickens, I bet both teams are wishing they hadn't started anyone from that train wreck in Cleveland. However, Philip and friends should be able to put up enough points on the Cowboys to hold off MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers. Nick, is that trade offer for LT2 still on the table?

Dec 14, 2009 3:15pmNick Wood

WOW, Aceto, Monster week. Great upset!
Now, does Kevin seriously give the reigns over to Gibby from here on out? Or does he keep the training wheels on? My guess is that Gibby will be forced to keep the training wheels on next year and won't be allowed to leave the driveway.

Dec 14, 2009 5:37pmRyan Gibbons

Well if that's the case then I may have to consider offers from other clubs, or maybe go play in Europe. There's only so much you can do against a monster week like that- even LT2's gift touchdowns wouldn't have been enough this week.

Dec 14, 2009 5:54pmNick Wood

This just in from -

Ryan Gibbons, "assistant to the GM" with the Hoochie Llamas is rumored to be in conversations with Bear Poop and Memphis Brothers owner Brian Davidson about a potential General Management position.

The source of the potential change in plans has to do with owner/GM of the Llamas Kevin Sansone being furious with the team's early exit from the playoffs. "This team should have been the last one standing, not the first one to fall. I have a lot to think about right now and decisions to make." Some may wonder what he means by 'decisions', does it have to do with reconsidering giving Gibbons control or does it have to do with him reconsidering whether or not to name his expected daughter Visanthe?

Ryan Gibbons has already expressed his frustrations and made it clear he's not tied down to a franchise as of yet. "I am sick of the coffee stains I've experienced over the last few weeks. IF I can get in a position where someone's getting ME coffee, well at least a place where I can make the coffee for myself."

Dec 15, 2009 8:41amNick Wood


Chickens GM has been seen acting very similarly to how Vince Young did after being benched and booed for the 2008 season. He has not been heard from after Anquan Boldin failed to gain an extra ten receiving yards in last night's surprising defeat.

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