Dec 10, 2009 4:27pm Steve Dugas


Awards Nominations:

MVP: Brees is the front runner, it would be shocking if he didnít win the award but then again we know some voters are willing to go against the grain.
Others to consider: Rodgers, Rivers, Chris Johnson, P. Manning

ROY: Harvin, Nicks, Moreno, Sanchez
Macor Misa: Miles Austin should win with ease, others like Benson and Shiancoe were expected to produce, Austin scored more points and he didnít even have a role on offense until week 6. How many people checked the waiver wire when he was going off for 22 pts and then were shocked to find that not only was he on the Mallards but he was starting ??

OoY: While Im voting for Bob with my first place vote, Iíd like to throw my name out there for first runner up. While my collective record which stands at 13-13 (good for 4th overall) doesnít jump out at you I think I did some great things with my teams in 2009. The Mallards managed to handle the pressure of expectations and earn the #1 seed in the NFC despite inconsistent QB play and overcoming a rash of injuries that saw several players land on the IR and many others miss multiple games.

I made some pretty good trades in landing Owen Daniels on the Mallards, itís a shame he only stuck around for one game, but without him that game would have been a loss. While some think im going to regret dealing Vernon Davis I donít think I will (unless he knocks me out of the playoffs), Pettigrew was really coming on strong till he tore his ACL and acquiring Favre reenergized my franchise and made the Merry Men relevant again. The Merry Men rebounded nicely from that 1-7 start winning 3 of 5 and coming within 5 or less in the other two.

I nailed my first round draft picks for the second year in a row. Matthew Stafford looks like he can have some top ten QB seasons and Michael Crabtree could be forcing his way into the Mallards starting lineup as soon as 2010.

So thatís my two cents on the awards before the ballots come out, this should open the floor for Mike and Aceto to start throwing punches my way but we will probably all be surprised when we see that Kevin is actually the first to do so.

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