Dec 04, 2009 3:49pm Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 13

Alright, I’ve already outlined the Dragons nervous weekend in a previous post, so needless to say, Jon is really hoping the Boys are more excited about posing for their next picture than they are about pulling off the upset of the season this week. The only other major storyline of the weekend is within the AFC, where the bye has not yet been sewn up and all the Refs need is to win this week and they’ve got the Wild Card. The Bear needs a little help to be putting in a lineup in Week 14… Either I’m feeling a little more confident about my ability to pick the winners now, after going 7-1 last week and only losing the Dragons/Mallards matchup, or else the dust in the YFFL is finally beginning to settle as we venture into the playoffs.

Game 1: Thugs vs. Merry Men
Comment: With no TE and Earl Bennett starting at WR, it is tough to pick against the Thugs locking up the bye in the AFC. Locking up this bye is probably the most exciting xmas gift Bobby will receive this year. Some would say that his Thugs have been given gifts all year with the lack of points scored against their ballclub this year, with the case in point being look again at this week’s matchup, handicapped once again. The Merry Men have a lot to be happy about as they finish off the season, but many questions will remain unanswered for Dugas as he plans for 2010.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Buddies
Comment: Mike’s putting in a solid finish to the season in his attempt to garner some votes for Owner of the Year as he quite possibly could one of two owners or even the only owner to have BOTH of their teams finish above .500 this year. That’s quite an accomplishment and it comes relatively easy this week as the Eaters have fallen far in the past year and who knows what this ballclub will look like in 2010. Rumors are swirling that Chris’ Brofriend Kurt may be taking over the GM reigns next season.

Game 3: White Guys vs. Mallards
Comment: All I have to say is that the Mallards are pumped they locked up the bye against the Dragons this week as they are banged up. Mark Sanchez is just not enough to give us the confidence that the White Guys can beat the Mallards up a little more before exiting for the year.

Game 4: Brothers vs. Chickens
Comment: The only thing riding on this game is the fact that the loser is going to have their rear car windows knocked out by Tiger’s cheater hating wife and the winner gets to enjoy the night in the Tiger Woods Suite in Vegas, complete with Vegas Promoter, a hot NYC Club Promoter, and a skanky looking hood-rat waitress. Right now, it is hard to pick against the Super Charge(d)r lineup. See you next week Dragons…

Game 5: Huskers vs. Beans
Comment: A win hear might not mean THAT much if things don’t fall their way, but if they do, we won’t hear the end of it from that owner. Regardless, Sansone has to look at this season as a success as he has built the foundation for a quality team going forward as long as Jay Cutler’s decline ends with this dreadful season the Bears are having. Kev, you’ve got your wish, you’re going to be drafting early in 2010, but what are you going to draft? You might need a QB now that we’ve seen Flacco not pan out as a true fantasy stud. You do have a couple first round picks though.

Game 6: Refugees vs. Tangs
Comment: Such an anticlimactic finish for the intense AFC playoff race right? Or do the Tangs have one last upset in them? Sorry Jonny, this is not a Bobby Sansone-led team you’re playing this week, so no chance of an upset. You’ve got a lot of decision making ahead of you as you head to the Stupor Bowl, as a number of positions are going to need to be upgraded in the offseason.

Game 7: Llamas vs. Poop
Comment: Is it true? Bri’s run is over? Well, does a Bear shit in the woods? YUP. Sorry Bri, you’re going to have to just watch the last few weeks of football on Sunday with nothing to play for. Addressing the need for depth at the RB position has got to be priority no.1 in the offseason. Just is there enough talent in the draft? The Llamas are also a team in need of some depth at RB, but at least they have been able to start two each week and Drew Brees has been a stud this year en-route to winning yet another MVP award.

GAME OF THE WEEK – Pressure Cooker – Dragons vs. Boys
Comment: Rest assured Jon, you’ve limped into the playoffs and avoided a monumental collapse. IF you can get Forte to jump start his season against the Rams, you might be looking a little better as you square off against the Chickens next week. IF I'm wrong and you don't make the playoffs, Megan best put away the fine china and spend a few nights at her folks with Jacob next week...

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