Nov 25, 2009 10:39am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 12 Turkey Day Weekend

With this being Turkey Day week and three games being served with gravy, I thought it best to get this week’s Nick’s Picks out before any action gets started:

Ok, we have just two weeks left in the regular season, but so much is undecided. Right now, all we know is that the Thugs have won the AFC West, Chris Davidson has given up on the YFFL all together, and Gibby’s still just doing film work and studying match ups for the Owner-GM of the Llamas. The rest is arguably still up for grabs. Many of the teams still alive get to control their destiny this week as they face off against their division foes. The AFC has the battle for the Wild Card with the 6-5 Refugees facing off against the 7-4 Bear. The NFC has two pivotal match ups this week with nothing decided; the Dragons try and spoil the Mallards hope at securing the all-important bye and the Beans and Chickens face off in a rivalry game that once again is for all the marbles. Do these Beans have the magic to ruin the Chickens playoff hopes yet again? Are the Mallards sitting ducks this week against a red-hot Dragons team? And will the Refugees find salvation with a victory? These questions and more will be answered in week 12 of the YFFL season, NEXT on WGME 13!

Game 1: Eaters vs. Merry Men
Comment: Chris Davidson is now currently spending more time thinking about his next bromance photo with Kurt than he is about his lineups. Dugas actually might keep his Merry Men out of the Stupor Bowl by winning out. Has his ball club turned the corner? The main concern in the Merry Men camp is what to do once Brett Favre actually retires for good, will Stafford stay healthy enough to stay on the field? Ray Rice, Pierre Thomas and his two young WRs are building a good foundation.

Game 2: White Guys vs. Boys
Comment: I know what everyone is wondering, will I make yet another Bromance reference when referring to one of Chris’ teams, I just did. Chris may not even realize it, but he’s positioning his Boys to have a date with the Tangs for the Stupor Bowl, will Jon bring the corsage? AP and Ricky are enough in this one.

Game 3: Thugs vs. Buddies
Comment: Disappointment has set in with the Buddies camp, but that does not mean they could position the Thugs for a must-win week 13 game to secure the bye. These Buddies have a little fight left in them and I even think Mike has a few choice words left for Bobby and his media-whore Thugs.

Game 4: Llamas vs. Tangs
Comment: The Llamas are in such a good position, this week, I think Kevin should let Gibby choose which Quarterback to play. Come on Gibby, Kyle Orton’s going to tear up the Giants secondary right? You know the Tangs are in trouble when they put two so-so tight ends into their lineup. No player in the YFFL has ever had a better season as a gift to him than Joseph Addai, the guy’s been riding the good fortune train that Peyton Manning is engineering all season long. The problem is, these types of situations don't always end well, could he get hurt in this gift wrapped win of a game? Stranger things have happened.

Game 5: Huskers vs. Brothers
Pick: Brothers
Comment: Davidson looks to salvage some sort of pride from this season lost by the wayside. Bobby jinxed this team’s chances early on with his prediction of a 9-4 season and Kevin’s got his team on the outside looking in with regards to the Stupor Bowl, but Kev fear not, if just a couple games go your way, you’ll have your shot at the no.1 pick.

GAME OF THE WEEK #3: Mallards vs. Dragons
Comment: Steve’s got too many questionable lineup decisions this week as he has to decide which QB to start and keep his eye on Michael Turner’s status. What is he going to do IF Turner is active? Who knows how many carries he is going to get if the Falcons get a quick lead against the Bucs? Will Big Ben play well if he still can’t remember where he is? The Dragons complete the comeback and put the pressure on for week 13 to determine the bye. This game is very important, but there is a serious likelihood that both teams are in the playoffs, that takes away a little of the fear that comes with losing this game.

GAME OF THE WEEK #2: Refugees vs. Bear
Comment: How well and IF Danny Ware and Justin Forsett play and produce will be the key to this game. No one is confident about the status of Julius Jones and with Ahh-Maad Bradshaw out of this week’s game, Danny Ware may get a carry or two. That’s just not confidence inspiring enough to favor the Bear in this one. Aceto’s been closely following my pick record this season and is probably shaking his head in disappointment that I picked his squad to win this week.

GAME OF THE WEEK #1: Chickens vs. Beans
Comment: The Beans magic in Season finale match ups with the Chickens ends here. The biggest question the Chickens have to answer is who to play at the UTL spot this week as with a great deal of injuries and unfavorable match ups, this is a tough decision. IF that player he starts can contribute to points on the scoreboard of any kind, this game goes by way of the Chicken and all but salvaged a once dreadful season. Both teams are actually in discussion with the league about making this matchup be the final game of the regular season each year.

Nov 25, 2009 5:20pmNick Wood

This GM is worried the Chickens have the curse of Jay Cutler on their hands. Watch those F-ing garbage time TDs mount up against the Vikings...

Nov 25, 2009 6:36pmBobby Sansone

It's going to be low-scoring, close and oh yes, I'm counting on some serious garbage points from Jay Cutler.

I have a funny feeling the Beans pull this one out...

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