Nov 20, 2009 9:53am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 11

Game 1: Buddies vs. Merry Men
Comment: I have this weird feeling that if an upset by the #16 Merry Men was to happen, the forum would see its first confrontational-trash talking appearance from Steve Dugas as he will have all-but-crushed Mike’s playoff hopes. Favre is lined up to have a good game, Pierre is planning on making crepes out of the Bucs defense, and add a little Rice to that mix and you’ve got a recipe for an upset. That being said, Manning and Moss are just too hot right now to think that this gravy train is stopping as we roll into Turkey Week.

Game 2: Thugs vs. Eaters
Comment: Face it, with Westbrook basically done, Chris Davidson has officially turned his attention 100% of the way towards his bromantic novel in the making with Kurt. This continues the trend of the Thugs running into teams at the most opportune of times. A close victory here will have Bobby’s critics all over his team once again, but Bobby potentially securing the bye.

Game 3: Tangs vs. Poop
Pick: POOP
Comment: Bri can ill afford to have his team fall victim to the upset minded Tangs. Fortunately for his squad, the loss of Ronnie Brown was basically washed out by the goose egg that Jonathan Stewart put up on Thursday night. Brady seeks revenge against the Jets and that means a solid week for the Bear as they look to stay alive in the hunt for the precious wild card.

Game 4: Dragons vs. White Guys
Comment: Unfortunately, Jon’s Dragons have a steep hill to climb this weekend as Ricky-Bobby-Williams went off and created a nice cushion for Aceto’s team to keep that closing playoff door open just a little bit longer. Aaron Rodgers is going to need to wash out more than half of the four TDs Aceto got Thursday in order for the Dragons to have a chance at staying alive for the NFC East division crown.

Game 5: Mallards vs. Boys
Comment: You can’t think the Mallards will be upset again right? Have they gone all Cole Hamels on themselves? Do they really think they’re season was lost when Owen Daniels went down for the year and Michael Turner suffered a high ankle sprain? Wake up Steve, you’re team is fortunate enough to be playing in the NFC, no one is out of the playoff mix and you’re team is still the slight favorite, now put on your Ray-Sidney Rice Jersey, ask Becky for your diet Snapple Iced Tea with four Lucky Ice Cubes in a tribute to your favorite QB in Minnesota, and I’ll text you from The Meadowlands this weekend after Snelling scores a TD…

Game 6: Beans vs. Brothers
Comment: This is Bobby’s chance to keep the Beans alive for the playoffs and provide Bri with a serious setback in his trash talking hopes of having a week 13 showdown with the all-hated Chickens. Bobby’s good fortune shines once again as Cedric Benson is out of the lineup and Fred Jackson should not be enough to compensate for the loss. Chris Davidson’s loss of Westbrook is Bobby’s major gain with LeSean McCoy.

Game 7: Huskers vs. Chickens
Comment: I don’t feel comfortable picking the Chickens this week as four of their victories this season have come when I’ve picked against them. But, things ‘might’ be turning the corner for the Chickens and a victory here puts them in the driver’s seat for the division. Face it, this year the NFC has been so inconsistent, but boy has it been fun to watch. Ratings for the games on the NFC focused Fox Network have been at an all time high when comparing them to the AFC contests on CBS. This might have a large part to do with the fact that a number of Merry Men and Tangs games have been blacked out this season. People love to watch the Chickens go down in defeat about as much as they enjoyed watching this reporter lose in Beirut. But, the league had its chance to put the sleeping giant to rest for good over these last two weeks and Chris Davidson’s two clubs have brought life back to the Chickens.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Refugees vs. Llamas
Comment: Let me ask the league this one question: Does Nate Burleson in the Llamas lineup at the Flex spot strike any fear into the opponents psyche? Nope, I didn’t think so. All it does is have Jon happily sitting at home preparing for what he’ll do with his coveted first round draft pick he received in the swap and Aceto’s Refugees poised to be one step closer to dethroning the Llamas from the top of the NFC East. The combo of Drew Brees and Andre Johnson is enough to keep this game close and another ‘look what I found’ TD or two by Addai may keep the Llamas atop the division, but with a quick decline in production from Marion Barber has this team struggling to give their owner and assistant-to-the-GM much confidence going forward.

Nov 20, 2009 9:54amNick Wood

Forgot to post my initial opening comments:
Alright, absolute crunch time this weekend, not like each game before this was not important, but from here on out, there is no room for losses. Even the playoff clinched Thugs can’t suffer a setback for fear of forum participants desire to jump all over them and proclaim their team the superior. I apologize, I did not get this started until after I knew the result from Thursday night’s game. Last week, I got most of it done before hand, but this week, nothing. So, that being said, some of the games are already handicapped as we know Ricky-Bobby-Williams went off last night in place of Ronnie Brown. The NFC West might have some separation created this week, but also might have a chance at all four teams ending week 11 at 5-6 and creating mass confusion when attempting to iron out the playoffs. The NFC East is not much better, a loss this weekend by the Mallards combined with the good White Guys start could have their division all within a single game of one another. I’ll do my best Brandon Funston in week 11:

Nov 20, 2009 10:19amJon Kinsman

Why does Ricky Williams hate me so much?

Nov 23, 2009 8:31pmAnthony Aceto

C. Johnson (-10) vs A. Johnson...the division on the line!

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