Nov 13, 2009 10:55am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 10

Nick’s Picks – Week 10

Alright, some of you have been asking me for my YTD record and I’ll be the first to admit, it is not great and I don’t even need to count it to know that. No way am I going to keep up with my fantastic record from last year (65-27-4, yup, we had 4 ties last year) BUT, that being said, this means that the season has been a whirlwind with many uncertainties, which is great and exciting. Hopefully, down the stretch, we’ll see many more surprises and a few unexpected teams going further than many believed could happen. At the time this report was created, no trades had been completed, so we’re pretty sure we know what each team will be going to battle with from here on out. The dreadful NFC West has to have someone come out and make the playoffs, the much talked about Thugs have a tough road ahead, and the Llamas look poised to take over the sought after first round bye position…

Game 1: Buddies vs. White Guys
Comment: Mike’s rant in the forum about how well his team did last week and the zero fan fare he received will get his team pumped up enough to make this one a serious game, but I don’t see Manning going crazy against the Pats this weekend and that is what he needs in order to cancel out AP and the WG’s two stellar receivers. Aceto makes a push for owner of the year, but a surprise win this week by the Buddies could have Mike talking some serious trash as they attempt to win out and get into the playoff race.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Chickens
Comment: LT2 is banged up, T.O. is banged up and he sucks even when he’s not hurt. How do you get hurt during a bye week? What were you doing T.O.??? You busted your Hip old man?!? These are some serious questions that need to be answered before the Chickens even think of bringing him back to the club in 2010. Jamal Lewis gave the Chickens his notice of retirement on Thursday, so this team will sure look much different next season. The Eaters look to keep Chris’ hopes alive, if he’s still even paying attention or just too distracted by the recent Bromance controversy that has erupted. It seems as though the Eaters owner can’t avoid the paparazzi who have the YFFL Media in a frenzy. Oh yeah, the game, even though he’s starting to two tight ends this week, the Eaters should prevail and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Game 3: Merry Men vs. Huskers
Comment: Yup, Steve’s back on track with this ballclub and according to Bobby, Kevin’s got the Huskers right where he wants them, in Stupor Bowl position a week after this reporter said they’d be the team to come out of the weak NFC West. That's just how weak this division is.

Game 4: Llamas vs. Brothers
Comment: The Llamas have to start a backup RB at their flex position because their stud WR is on a bye and they have done nothing to boost their ballclub’s chances at a title via any trades(As of the preparation of this report). This game could be much closer than many are anticipating, but the Cinci-led Brothers have a very tough match up with the Steelers this week…

Game 5: Refugees vs. Boys
Comment: The Refs stay in the playoff hunt and all but eliminate the Boys Bromantic (wet)dreams of a chance at the playoffs.

Game 6: Tangs vs. Beans
Comment: Yup, I’m not a believer in this Beans team, sure Bobby is riding high on his horse, but the Tangs have had Bobby’s number this season and look to complete the season sweep of his ballclubs. Sure, I’m writing this part of the story AFTER knowing that Cutler put up a goose egg as far as TDs are concerned…

Game 7: Poop vs. Dragons
Comment: It is just hard to pick against this Dragon team right now, they are firing on all cylinders right now and look to be tough to beat. It is also hard to see the Bear go down for a third straight week and put their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy, but it is likely to happen unless Brady can put up a 2007-like performance.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Thugs vs. Mallards
Comment: We already know that Bobby’s ready to respond like this was an Oakwoods vs. Portland Street baseball match up, no matter the outcome:
1. A Thugs close loss: “Wow, look at what we were missing and we still made it a game! This Mallards team has so many stars and we still made it a game! I can’t believe we made this one a close game!!! 2. A Thugs blowout loss: “So what, the Mallards were supposed to win, look at their squad vs. ours. 3. A Thugs victory: “What an upset! This is the victory of the year, no, the decade, Jon, this better be the cover page story on Tuesday and you will want to change the YFFL logo to the Thugs logo (if we had one) for the rest of the season!!! I’m holding back the tears I’m so excited! Marcy, can you believe it!?!”

Nov 13, 2009 4:03pmBobby Sansone

Thanks for the Game of The Week honors Nick!!!

Make no mistake, this is a must-win for the Thugs. I built this team to be "bye proof" meaning they should never be able to use bye weeks as an excuse for a loss. Kurt Warner is ready to step up for the struggling Matt Schaub and Houshmenzadah will get the start for your 2009 Most Improved Player of the Year Steve Smith.

Thugs 49 Mallards 46

Nov 13, 2009 5:27pmNick Wood

Well Bobs, this may add some not-so-good news for both the Thugs AND the Beans (who are going up against Stewart)

DeAngelo Williams to be a game-day decision

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Panthers consider DeAngelo Williams (knee) a "game-time decision" for Week 10.

While it's good news that Williams is walking without a limp, the team won't know his status until assessing his health and cutting ability in pre-game warmups. The Panthers-Falcons game has a 1PM ET start. We expect him to play, but you'll have to check back at noon Sunday to know for sure.

Nov 13, 2009 5:35pmJon Kinsman

And don't forget that the Beans will be facing the vaunted 3-WR, 2-TE set this week. It's the new wild cat!

Nov 13, 2009 5:39pmNick Wood

Well, Jon may have just handicapped the Tangs and helped you out here Bobs with that trade of Burleson. Although, I think it was the right move for Jon to make in the long run.

Nov 13, 2009 6:25pmMike Kinsman


You're a retard. Manning will have atlleast two TDs and 300 yards against the Pats next week. I plan on 3 TDs.

Moss will chuck a load all over Kelvin Hayden's facemask when he reaches the endzone for the second time on sunday night, and Beanie is going to break out with 5 yard TD with a hooker on his back.

45 points. Buddies 45, White Guys 32

Nov 13, 2009 8:47pmNick Wood

Sorry Bro, I hope you prove me wrong(but the Colts still lose).
I'm just the YFFL's Boomer doing his Swami predictions, you can't hate against that. Well, actually, this year, I'm more like the old shit Hammerin' Hank who ESPN feels bad for and does not fire his sorry ass because he's so old... I don't think that guy's had an over .500 record with his picks in 10 years. Just watch Kris McKendry talk to him like he's a drooling old man in a nursing home old when he's doing his picks.

IF Moss blows his load on any of the Colts secondary, I'll be laughing right along with you. That being said, Moss and Manning need Beanah Wells to start playing like the Beanah we all knew and loved from the Frank H. Harrison Middle School tossing around Frank Langella in the cafeteria days. Well, that is a lot to ask at this point in his rookie season, maybe if you get the Beanah days where he got a bunch of kids suspended from school for selling them Playboys, that Beanah could make the game closer.

Nov 16, 2009 12:23amMike Kinsman

beware of the buddies. beware.

Nov 16, 2009 9:10amNick Wood

Wow, 84 points, some much deserved props for that week...

Nov 16, 2009 9:39amNick Wood

Crazy week by the way!

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