Nov 06, 2009 9:54am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 9

Game 1: Eaters vs. Llamas
Comment: This should be a good one, two teams who each have a QB on fire, two overrated RBs, and a stud WR. The Llamas move one step closer to securing at least the Wild Card and the Eaters lose a little more hope of playoff football.

Game 2: Buddies vs. Refugees
Comment: The Refs are already getting set for the week 11 showdown with the Llamas that could decide the division. Only Peyton Manning stands in their way of 6-3 this week.

Game 3: Dragons vs. Brothers
Comment: The Dragons roll. Come on, who would pick against them right now? Especially because they are playing an NFC West team, no one in the NFC west wants to win a game this season.

Game 4: White Guys vs. Huskers
Comment: The only reason the Huskers are favored here is because the White Guys are going to show up with no QB AND no AP.

Game 5: Mallards vs. Beans
Comment: Jared Cook? Ouch. Well, at least you’re playing an NFC West team when Steven Jackson is on a bye.

Game 6: Boys vs. Chickens
Comment: This might be the last time I pick the Chickens to be favored in a game for the rest of the season...

THE “Sort of” GAME OF THE WEEK: Tangs vs. Merry Men
Comment: You heard it here first, both of Steve’s teams will get a win this week. When Jon has to start Henne at QB, you have to think that this team is still suffering a hangover from last week’s upset victory.

GAME OF THE WEEK – Thugs vs. Poop
Comment: The Bear have Brady back from a bye and Ronnie Brown loves playing the Pats, they alone should neutralize Williams, Schaub, and Grant. One big question remains, is Greg Jennings back to his old form? IF he is the shitter’s full and ready to send the Thugs to their second consecutive defeat!

Nov 08, 2009 10:59amNick Wood

STEVE! Guess what?!?! reports Arizona Cardinals WR Early Doucet could be activated for the team's Week 9 game if WR Anquan Boldin (ankle) does not play. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt said the quarterbacks have developed a strong comfort level with Doucet.
Analysis: It is still uncertain as to what Boldin's status will be, but at this point make sure you're prepared for him not to go. Doucet would likely still be a secondary option to Fitzgerald and Breaston.


Nov 09, 2009 9:09pmAnthony Aceto

can we get an up-tp-date win/loss tally for nick's picks ytd post this week's results?

Nov 10, 2009 12:38amNick Wood

Someone can do it for me, the YTD count, I'm not. I know it is NOT good this year...

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