Oct 30, 2009 11:15am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 8

Many thought things would be starting to iron themselves out after last week, but in most cases, we’re still in the fog about who’s playoff bound and who’s looking ahead to next season. The crowded AFC East will likely have at least one deserving team sitting on the outside looking in when all is said and done, where the NFC West could possibly have an un-deserving sub-.500 team celebrating a division crown. That’s just how things happen and we’ll be a little closer to having an idea of who will be dancing into the playoffs and who will be left sitting with Mrs. Erkkinen in the bleachers of the middle school after week 8. Hopefully, Steve will have a Buyers & Sellers article for us next week to help us figure out this mess.

Game 1: Thugs vs. Tangs
Comment: The red carpet of opportunity has been laid out for Sansone’s Thugs and they have taken everything given to them like a fat kid in a candy store. It looks like we’ll be getting ready for a big showdown with the Mallards in a couple weeks, which might very well be a Super Bowl preview.

Game 2: Buddies vs. Llamas
Comment: This one should be a gem, Manning vs. Brees. Gibby, you might want to make sure that the coffee you bring your head GM Kev is decaf as he’s already as excited as a 6th grader looking at his first Maxim Magazine for the opportunity to put the whole Manning issue to rest. On the other hand, Mike’s eagerly awaiting the chance to show Kev that the Manning curse has not left the Sansone residence just yet. Kev’s playoff life hinges on each game from here on out and it looks as though they are taking a step in the right direction.

Game 3: Merry Men vs. Refugees
Comment: This is probably the last week where Aceto can position himself as a playoff contender without a true quarterback at the wheel. After this, his team faces Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady and without true leader at the primary scoring position, this team could be on the outside looking in. Expect Aceto’s soon-to-be 5-3 squad to put an ad out in the Falmouth Forecaster for a QB Tuesday morning because he’ll be wasting a good thing if he does not. Will he limp into the playoff fight with a Garrard or Hasselbeck addition? Or will he strut into the playoff run with a Kurt Warner, Big Ben, or McNabb acquisition? Some of these owners may not be willing to part with their backups for varying reasons, but we’ll see how things shake out as this has to be the biggest trade rumor of the YFFL in 2009.

Game 4: Dragons vs. Chickens
Comment: Wow, is Kinsman going to pull off an Jake The Snake-like comeback and completely resurrect his squad after getting taken to the mat by the late-great Ravishing Rick Rude to start the season? The fans on Clear Brook Trail are hoping so, because after this week, the team who started 1-4 is back in contention. Where have the mighty Chickens gone? Expect a relatively close game this week, because the Chickens seem to show up only when a solid team is in town, but will likely be the kid who’s house gets egged and toilet papered on Halloween weekend.

Game 5: White Guys vs. Brothers
Comment: Is it true? Mark Sanchez is going to be the premier QB in this game? Ouch. Expect ratings to be very low for this one outside of Bri’s Chicago residence. Hopefully, for the fans, Adrian Peterson and Reggie Wayne make this an eventful game.

Game 6: Mallards vs. Huskers
Comment: Right now, these Mallards are not flying south for the winter. The only thing that could slow them down is an injury, or brother Greg Dugas shooting them out of the sky with his rifle. Monday night’s Saints/Falcons matchup should be a high scoring affair, only aiding the Mallards run towards the NFC East crown. The Huskers fall makes it very likely that the NFC West division leader could be 3-5 come the week’s end.

Game 7: Boys vs. Beans
Pick: BOYS
Comment: The battle of the rookie Running Backs is here. Which team’s future will be brighter? This is the first step towards finding out. Right now, it looks like the Boys are in a better position to move forward towards the Wild Card, but with rookies comes inconsistency and uncertainty, so don’t be surprised to see the new-look Beans take advantage of this like a drunk sorority girl. Remember, Bobby is a frat brother…

Comment: Wow, a game that has this much importance and these two owners don’t have the opportunity to put their best teams out on the field. Oh wait, it is only Bri that does not have the opportunity to put his best team out there, lucky you Chris. You better not let this one slip past you. The Poop’s JV squad is out there this week and the other contending owners are pumped. Can Bri-D get Delhomme to come back from the dead to surprise everyone? It is Halloween weekend and all…

Oct 30, 2009 5:52pmSteve Dugas

I dont think a Buyer's and Sellers Guide will be necessary this year. I can't imagine too many more trades going down. Is this the first ever year every owner and GM has been involved in atleast one trade??

Oct 30, 2009 7:41pmNick Wood

Steve, I don't know the answer to your question about the trades, but I would almost assume after today's action, the power ranking may need to be adjusted. The chickens and refs improved their standing in my opinion. Although it may be too little too late for the Chickens this season. Stranger things have happened. This weeks game with the Dragons just got a little tighter.

Oct 31, 2009 11:02pmAnthony Aceto

Nick I think I have to disagree with you on game 5...this matchup places a first place team (Brothers) against a young up-and-comer (WGs) and two of the most powerful lineups in the YFFL. Highly anticipated in sports bars across NYC!

I've heard rumors of the Chickens dropping ticket prices at the gate to juice attendance back up to the glory years as the team slowly morphs into the YFFL's version of the Mets.

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