Oct 23, 2009 11:30am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 7

Alright, it is week 7, the point of the season where we find out who are contenders and who are going to start preparing for the 2010 season.
Some divisions are already decided, but much is left wide open for the teams to decide on their own. Each of the members of the YFFL fraternity are eagerly preparing themselves for an important weekend. With a 5-3 record last week, Iím slowly improving as teams begin to show what theyíre made of.

Game 1: Thugs vs. Refugees
Comment: You know this season is going the Thugís way when they match up with the stronger teams when they have some of their best players on a bye week. Here we go, the Thugs are playing the Refs who are without their top TWO runningbacks in MJD and Chris Johnson. How fortunate can they get? Now, a loss here by the Thugs will sting, but we donít see that happening as the Thug-train continues.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Tangs
Comment: This game is probably one to ignore, unless youíre Chris D, holding onto the Eaters faint chance of making the playoffs. Heís fortunate to play a very weak Tangs team this week, but unfortunate to be playing in the AFC as a 3-3 record in the NFC may be something to smile about, in the AFC, no shot. Look for this game to have a low score attached to it.

Game 3: Buddies vs. Poop
Pick: POOP*
Comment: There is an asterisk next to this pick, because IF Brian decides against picking up a kicker, that may be what decides the outcome of this game, so no kicker equals no victory for Poop. This game should provide us with some fireworks from the QB standpoint as both have very favorable matchups there. The role players on both of these teams will determine this one and right now, as long as Greg Jenningsí hip does not keep him sidelined, heís due for a breakout game and could be the difference here.

Game 4: Merry Men vs. Llamas
Comment: Why pick up an OLD man QB when youíre team is young and rebuilding? Thatís a tough question to answer, but it is clear that Steve wants to end the losing, but the Mississippi kid wonít be enough against this team as the Llamas get both of their RBs back after a bye week. Brees is going to be forced to throw the ball even more this week with the solid Miami run defense stopping their backs.

Game 5: Dragons vs. Beans
Comment: While wearing his Mickey Mouse ears, Jon will be eagerly awaiting the return of Frank Gore, hoping that because his team plays in the watered down NFC, they can make up some ground and begin a run. It starts this week against the Beans, who were given the good fortune of playing the once mighty Chickens last week in a low scoring showdown. Rodgers, Gore, and Welker should be enough, can Forte even resemble the player he was last week? IF so, this team could make a solid run at the Wild Card.

Game 6: White Guys vs. Chickens
Comment: This game is filled with disappointments. The White Guys are not far removed from a title, the Chickens looked to have a ton of firepower, yet both teams are a shell of their former selves. The redheaded gay stepchild that is the Chickens should have enough to take home this game, but we thought last week that Rivers, Gates, and LT2 should muster 12 total points to at least secure a tie against the Beans and that did not happen.

Game 7: Mallards vs. Brothers
Comment: The Mallards may have found the final piece to their Super Bowl puzzle in Owen Daniels and the Brothers are just unlucky to have to play a team on a roll in week 7. IF he Carolina Steve Smith can resemble a football player again, this may be a game. Otherwise, the Mallards are steamrolling into week 8.

Game of the Week: Huskers vs. Boys
Pick: BOYS
Comment: Without a QB, the Huskers are at a major disadvantage this week. The only way it is close, is IF Chris fails to pick up a kicker. The winner of this game is in control of the wild card and their own destiny. This could be a matchup that has an insane amount of points scored from the strangest of places, or could be the lowest scoring game of the week, the jury is still out.

Oct 23, 2009 1:34pmKevin Sansone

wow, how is manning vs. brady not game of the week?

Oct 23, 2009 3:06pmNick Wood

Because the winner of this game is in the drivers seat to go to the playoffs, the winner of the Bear/Buddies is not necessarily in the same position because there is a more difficult road in the AFC this year.

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