Sep 10, 2009 12:30pm Nick Wood

Week 1 - Nick's Picks

Well boys, I'm excited for another season of YFFL action. This season should be a tight one. This year is full of teams with the potential to bring home the hardware, making this year's picks that much more difficult, yet fun.

2009 Season Pick Record: 0-0-0

Game 1: Eaters vs. Beans
Comment: We already know that Bobby's waved the Beans white flag this year, so the pick was easy. The Beans get the Eaters at the absolute worst time, the beginning of the season, when all of the players are healthy. IF this game was to take place say week 4 or 5, it may be a closer matchup and not so easy to pick.

Game 2: Tangs vs. Mallards
Comment: I'm in agreement here, until proven otherwise, this Mallards team is the one to beat. It does seem fitting though that Jon gets to pester Dugas just a little more after the draft, having Harvin show off his talent right out of the gate.

Game 3: Merry Men vs. Boys
Pick: Boys
Comment: The Merry Men are improving, but so are the Boys. This game may be one that starts a budding rivalry. These two teams may not put up huge points this season, but with some help at the WR position, these teams will be right back in it.

Game 4: Llamas vs. White Guys
Comment: Aceto's inability to acquire a legit and experienced QB this offseason is going to haunt him with both of his teams. The Llamas have that QB and have a solid RB in Barber. Brees is the true difference here.

Game 5: Refugees vs. Huskers
Comment: Not an easy pick, considering the Refugees three headed monster at RB. That should be enough to win most games against the weaker teams in the league, but this week, the lack of QB and no real WRs is the downfall for the 'Gees.

Game 6: Buddies vs. Brothers
Comment: Yup, not a type-o. I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb here with this pick. The Brothers are the league darling at the start of the season, but I think they fall in the overrated category myself. Carson Palmer is one throw or sack away from his arm troubles coming back and Cedric Benson has done nothing yet to impress me.

Game 7: Poop vs. Chickens
Comment: This game is another incredibly tight matchup and was a close runner up for the Game of the Week. Brady vs. Rivers, Boldin vs. Jennings, and The Talker (TO) vs. The Twitter (Ochocinco). I think this game is decided with the other players though and it is tough to win big games starting four wide receivers.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Thugs vs. Dragons
Comment: This game should be nationally televised. Great matchups at each position, but I think the actual matchups favor the Dragons slightly. The game may be won at the UTL spot and I don't think in week 1, Bradshaw wwill get enough touches, especially near the goal line, this early.

Good luck this season fellas, I'm looking forward to it.

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