Aug 20, 2009 1:51pm Steve Dugas

Thank You Chickens

The Merry Men would like to express their gratitude to Nick and Mike for their generosity. The Merry Men are looking forward to getting Vince Young into the locker room and acclimated to the playbook. Vince wont be able to walk in and play right away, he is going to have to earn his way up from the 6th spot on the depth chart to get any playing time but with some therapy time with Mr. Jamison and some good hard coaching by the Italion Stallion Big Joe we think Vince will finally realize his potential.

It was definitely a laugh out loud moment when i saw that Vince Young had become just the second player to ever be gifted (Bledsoe, 2004), and the video that followed was nothing short of hilarious.

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