Dec 11, 2008 9:49am Nick Wood

Conference Title Games - Nick's Picks

Nick’s Picks – Conference Title Games

AFC Title Game:
#1 Thugs vs. #3 Eaters
Comment: I told everyone that the AFC needed to put down the sleeping giant before he awakes, and now it is now too late. The Eaters roll continues. Bobby’s Thugs have put up a good fight this season, but their luck is bound to run out and it does this weekend against the Eaters. You have to give him some credit for putting together what would be his dream play out in his AFC preview, but that’s not happening. The only way the Thugs move on to the Super Bowl is IF Reggie Bush puts up a goose egg tonight and you have to think that the only way that happens is if he is still hurting and Pierre Thomas is forced to carry the load again. DeAngelo Williams’ is primed for a let down at some point and the match up with the weak Denver Defense is where it happens, (yes I said that). The Thugs need to remember that the Colts are playing Detroit this week so Harrison is bound to score again…
The match ups playing out as I see it:
QB: Romo vs. Warner EVEN
RB: Bush vs. Williams EATERS
RB: Westbrook vs. Grant EATERS
TE: Carlson vs. Shiancoe EATERS
WR: Harrison vs. Housh EATERS (Playing AAA Detroit0
WR: Holt vs. Bowe THUGS
UTL: V.Jackson vs. T. Gonzalez EVEN

NFC Title Game:
#1 Huskers vs. #2 Dragons
Comment: Nobody is more nervous about this weekend's match up than Kevin and Jon's respective spouses. Who wants to be around the owner who loses this game as it is primed to be a nail biter. In my opinion, it all comes down to a player that is not even on either team: IF Joseph Addai is still hurting then Rhodes gets the chance for a monster game against Detroit AND he'll likely take away most of Manning's scoring potential. IF Addai gets the bulk of the carries then the Dragons are stuck with a zero at the RB position. Where the game gets close is in the running games; The running game of the Huskers appears to have run out of steam as Jacobs may not even suit up this weekend. Hightower is going up against a defense that will have their run stoppers playing on roids and not even the NFL can do anything about it. Forte has been rock solid all year long and will not be held without a TD yet again this week and that should keep things tight. The Huskers have Lance Moore who faces a beat up Chicago secondary. Marshall is going up against a team that did allow Bryant to have 200 yards receiving last week, so IF he’s able to put up half of his numbers, the Huskers chances look good.
The match ups playing out as I see it:
QB: Rodgers vs. Manning HUSKERS
RB: Forte vs. Hightower DRAGONS
RB: Rhodes vs. Jacobs POTENTIAL Goose eggs, but potentially big days for both, its feast or famine for these two.
TE: Smith vs. Daniels DRAGONS – Playing Cleveland and Daniels faces a tough TEN defense.
WR: Ward vs. Marshall HUSKERS – Ward may be knocked out by the end of the first qtr by Baltimore's defense who have it out for him.
WR: Welker vs. Moore HUSKERS - Welker rarely finds the endzone and like Chris Carter from the past, all Moore does is catch TD Passes.
UTL: Gonzalez vs. Berrian EVEN - Gonzalez should get only a few chances as once Wayne and Harrison get their required TD passes, this game is already out of hand and they will be running the ball. Berrian, who's going to be throwing him the ball?

Dec 11, 2008 3:26pmKevin Sansone

Not looking good for jacobs....looks like we will turn to Huskers stalwart Derrick Mason

Dec 12, 2008 8:15amNick Wood

Well Bobs,
Looks like you got the 0 out of Reggie Bush you needed. Good luck this weekend fellas.

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