Nov 25, 2008 8:27am Nick Wood

The Game - Beans vs. Chickens - It's on

Week 13 is here, which team is it going to be the unlucky 13 for? The Beans or the Chickens? It’s a short week before the games get going on Turkey day, so the Chickens will get things started now. Like the Eaters, the league should have put the sleeping giant down when you had the chance, now we’ve got a great opportunity in our hands, win and we’re in. I like the Chickens’ chances…

Let’s see, just like Bobby avoided confrontation in the infamous NYC fight by running down the street with the girls, how is he going to avoid the trash talk leading up to this week’s Bean/Chickens showdown? I’ve listed the top ten WEAK excuses Bobby will attempt to use to avoid talking smack in the days before the battle to participate in the post season:
10. “Well, in case you have not noticed Nick, I’ve already got the Thugs in the playoffs… I should be focusing on getting the Giants to get Ahmad Bradshaw the ball more, not this.”
9. “This really isn’t your team anyhow Nick, so I really don’t want to get into anything with Mike, because… Don’t you see what he does to Steve in the forum?!?”
8. “I mean, the Beans winning 6 in a row makes this season a success as it is, regardless of how things pan out this weekend against the Chickens. Six in a row, can you believe it! I think I should include that fact in this week’s power rankings!”
7. “Chris Davidson, don’t you remember he did not pick up a QB for the Boys back in week 4 when Eli Manning was on a bye. You should all get mad at him again and ignore this Beans/Chickens game talk…”
6. “Did I mention that Chris Davidson not starting a QB with the Boys was absolutely unacceptable? I’m asking him to decline his invitation to the Stupor Bowl. I don’t care if he is not even qualified to play in it, he should still decline. Why aren’t we still concerned with this?”
5. “Well, I can’t trash talk the Chickens this week because Nick is abiding by the Forum Rules as he created a new Thread for this topic.”
4. “I just want take this opportunity to let everyone know that if the Beans lose this weekend, Plaxico Burress will be on the trading block this offseason. I will be listening to all trade offers up until the 2009 draft, you know, to be fair to everyone.”
3. “I’m thinking of starting Thigpen this week as Cutler sucks and has fallen back to earth as an average NFL QB, that’s why I’ve ordered Thigpen’s Youth XL Jersey already! With that, I can’t lose, so why trash talk? Plus, even IF Cutler puts up more points than Thigpen and I lose, I’ll just make a post how Nick and the Chickens started the wrong QB, not the Beans…”
2. “You guys, have owners been irresponsible by not using their moves to sign backup QBs or Kickers? Or does the league make it too difficult? Discuss…”
1. “Hey Mike, did you notice that Steve gave you sh!t in the forum? You should def get him back in the forum as I would be upset about the “feast in a box” comment if I was you, that is a much bigger deal than the Chickens/Beans trash talk.”

Nov 25, 2008 10:51amBobby Sansone

11. I have a LASIK Eye Surgery consultation today. My health is my most important concern at this time. Fantasy Football is so elementary...

Nov 26, 2008 12:53pmBobby Sansone

Nick - I am hoping you don't lose sleep at night this week knowing you GM job is likely on the line. You need to beat the Beans or else. They are rumors flying around the YFFL Owners emails (sorry, no GMs allowed) that Mike will take control of the Chickens if you can't win this one. If you are lucky he will put you in charge of running the Buddies rebuilding process.

I am looking forward to the Beans vs Cowboys/Chargers match-up this week. It will be closer than people think. I am coming off a horrible week which should translate into a much better week this coming week. Do you think I am really going to get a "0" out of Cutler two weeks in a row? Isn't Dallas Clark long overdue for a TD? What about Edwards reuniting with Anderson? Portis and Fargas are good for 10 points this week. DeShawn Jackson should be able to repeat Dom Hixon's performance from last week against the Cardinals slow secondary. Gostkowski is a guaranteed 12 points. I'm thinking the Beans get into the 50s.

It looks like the spread is Chickens (-12.5) which is similar to our NFC Wild Card game from last year. And we all remember how that turned out.

I've done some calculations and I'm coming out with a projected score of 54-52 in the Beans favor. Cutler turns in a huge garbage time 4th quarater performance and scores 22 points. (The Jets will go to a prevent defense which Cassell and Collins exploited each of the last two weeks)

I am tempted to start Thigpen but the Raiders D is suprising very strong against the pass led by Nnamdi Asomugha. In the last 3 weeks they have shut down Delhomme, Pennington and Cutler so I can only imagine the trouble they'll give to Thigpen. Meanwhile Cutler will likely be playing from behind which should translate into 300 yards passing and at least 2 TDs.

This game is going to be a lot closer than people think. I have to hope the Seahawks will be ready for T.O. I am sure they will watch game film from the 49ers game and make every attempt to shut him down.

I'm a little worried about Rivers but the Charges are struggling this year. I figure you'll get 18-24 out of your 3 Chargers.

Boldin - what can I say. You ripped off Steve and it may just save you your job. He'll go for 10.

Lynch - 2 Lewis - 2

I think Folk will get you 4-10 points.

I've got:
Cutler - 22
Portis - 8
Fargas - 2
Edwards - 8
Burress - 0
Clark - 0
Gostkowski - 12
Jackson - 2

Game on!!!!!

Nov 26, 2008 2:06pmNick Wood

Ok, Bobs, no one has said that they think this will not be a good game. But, it sounds like you're a little insecure about your chances. Are you???

You really have nothing to sh!t on the Chickens about because all you keep reverting back to is your sad threat of "You know, you're job is on the line IF the Chickens don't win" kind of comments. You are as desperate as fish in a desert for some new material here. When even Dugas can come back with a better opening forum come back against Mike, you know you're hurting.

Second, you've got to be concerned about this week's game because IF you lose, you've realistically lost your best chance at winning a title because the Thugs are on the fast track to no where and you're going to have to deal with getting your ass handed to you by your little brother. That's going to be hard to swallow while you're eating your Christmas morning breakfast with the family. The only way you get out of that one is if you happen to lose the first round bye this weekend to the Llamas (which will result in a loss to the Eaters and your nemesis Chris D) OR if Kev is going to be spending his Christmas Holiday with Annie's family.

Third, you might want to reread the post you just made as it sure sounds to me like you're a little unsure about who you think you should play at the QB position this week, make the wrong decision and it will haunt you for a long time to come. Its a bitch when things come back around to you huh...

I also have a feeling that LT2 is going to have his first real LT2 Game of 2008 this weekend and that's not going to be fun for the Beans to take. You can give your boy Cutler his 22 points and you'll still be out of luck.

Who knows, the Chickens may have enough points by late Thursday night to beat the Beans this week. I'm thinking:

Boldin - 10
T. Owens - 14
Folk - 7
Alright, you may be able to score more than 31 points this week in total, so lets say that the Chickens are getting 9 points when comparing their Thursday score to your entire team score...

Nov 26, 2008 2:36pmKevin Sansone

1.) Can you please refer to me as "younger brother" and not "little brother".
2.) annie and i will be in y-town for xmas, so there will be a Bobby-Kevin breakfast on xmas morning

Nov 30, 2008 8:13pmNick Wood

Well, like the Chargers season, the Chickens are finished. Disappointing to say the least. Great season fellas.

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