Nov 20, 2008 9:23am Nick Wood

Week 12 - Nick's Picks

Last Week: 7-0-1
Year-to-Date: 62-23-3

1. Poop vs. Tangs
Comment: The Tangs keep their faint playoff hopes alive, but realize that a lot of things out of their control have to happen for them to join Jon’s Dragons in the playoffs. The team will take care of what they can control this weekend against the Poop. If the Pats/Dolphins game is high scoring, that could give Bri some hope of playing the playoff spoiler.

2. Buddies vs. Thugs
Comment: The Thug-train keeps on rolling to what Bobby hopes ends as an 11-1-1 regular season record. Kurt Warner faces a tough defense in the Giants this week, so he will certainly have his chance to prove the doubters wrong about him being a true YFFL MVP candidate. The Buddies look to remain in Stupor Bowl contention with the loss. Looking at their roster, the AFC probably should be a little concerned if the Buddies get the chance at the first overall pick as a Thugs-like turnaround could be on the horizon. Sources say numerous owners are hoping that the Merry Men end up with the Stupor Bowl birth due to Steve’s recent poor decisions with the Merry Men, as it will probably leave the better players in the draft available to them.

3. Eaters vs. Merry Men
Comment: The Eaters have the good fortune of a weak end of the season schedule and thus control their own destiny. The owner who is rarely heard from in the forum gets the chance to have his voice heard loud and clear as the early season title contender stays alive. The Merry Men were seen earlier in the week playing cribbage on Pam Dugas’ deck instead of practicing.

4. White Guys vs. Boys
Comment: Aceto hopes to remain the silent assassin in the YFFL as he’s rarely heard from anywhere but on the playing field. Earlier in the week, Aceto was seen purchasing luxury box seats to the Chickens/Brothers game as the game weighs heavily on his chances. A Chickens victory over the Brothers eliminates the White Guys from the playoffs.

5. Chickens vs. Brothers
Comment: A great deal rides on this game for more than just the two teams involved. As long as the Chickens don’t look past the Brothers like they did in week 5, this team should prevail. It has been a roller coaster season for the Owner and GM of this juggernaut as the entire team aside from Anquan Boldin, have underperformed all year long. That being said, this club is still two wins away from a likely playoff date with the Dragons. The Brothers were reportedly seen playing pick up hoops at practice Wednesday. How that is going to help them on the football playing field, we have yet to determine.

6. Mallards vs. Dragons
Comment: The Dragons secure the division title with the win over the Mallards. Despite being eliminated by Bobby’s two teams, the Mallards have put up a good fight to close out the season. The Dragons hope that Aaron Rodgers plays more like Aaron Rodgers than Aaron Billings or else we may see the old vet Brett Favre taking over heading into the playoffs. With the win this week, the commissioner is rumored to have told his son Jake that he’ll be calling the plays in the regular season finale against the Boys.

7. Beans vs. Huskers
Comment: At first glance, this game looks like an important match up, but it isn’t unless the Brothers answer the White Guys AND Beans prayers…. Sansone (Jr) reportedly also purchased luxury box seats at the Chickens/Brothers game with hopes of an upset that would set off the Beans locker room celebration as they would clinch the playoffs and avoid a week of nervous trash talk with the Chickens. Bobby has told his club that IF that happens, they can go ahead and celebrate without him, but will have to wait for him for shower time. A Huskers win all-but secures their first round bye.

Llamas vs. Refugees
Comment: Brees, Barber III, and a rejuvenated Addai are all they need to crush the hopes of the Refugees and practically secure the Eaters spot in the playoffs. Is Kev shooting himself in the foot here by allowing the Eaters to travel down 95 to CT week 14?

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