Nov 06, 2008 8:37am Nick Wood

Week 10 - Nick's Picks

Last Week: 5-3
Year-To-Date: 49-21-2 .694

1. Buddies vs. White Guys
Comment: Well, this game is actually going to be much closer than anticipated because Aceto will be going without a QB. But, then again, Mike only has Kevin Smith at the RB position who 'may' see some time this weekend. Adrian Peterson is enough here.

2. Refugees vs. Boys
Comment: Aceto's head must be spinning, both teams with terrible options at the QB position. Well, at least with this team, he has an option at QB. Regardless whether he goes with the guy who's sole job is to hand the ball to the running backs or Sexy-Rexy, he's got the running backs to carry him to victory.

3. Llamas vs. Brothers
Pick: Llamas
Comment: The Llamas can't lose to two straight Stupor Bowl contending teams can they? We don't think so because boy, is Kev happy to see Drew Brees back at his team's practice facility this week.

4. Merry Men vs. Huskers
Comment: Right now, Steve and his Merry Men are keeping Kev up at night. Two upsets in a row, I doubt it as the Merry Men have already made their last stand of the 2008 season. Two victories over the Chickens and Llamas made their season complete. The Huskers easy road to the playoffs continues.

5. Poop vs. Dragons
Comment: Jon's back in the win column with the Dragons and one step closer to a playoff birth. This game is going to be closer than many believe as Jon's got some tough matchups. Could the Dragons lose three in a row? We don't believe so, but last week we thought they could not lose two in a row.

Contender for Game of the Week:
Eaters vs. Chickens
Comment: After one week of being an underdog and pulling through, the Chickens are back where they belong, as the favorites. Without Reggie Bush and Tony Romo, Chris is eagerly awaiting week 11 when both return.

Contender #2 for Game of the Week:
Thugs vs. Mallards
Comment: No Steven Jackson, no victory for the Mallards and an early offseason begins after Bobby successfully completes a two game sweep of the Mallards. IF Steven Jackson somehow returns, so may Steve's hopes of staying alive.

Game of the Week:
Tangs vs. Beans
Comment: Just like the Mallards, No Portis, No victory for the Beans this week. IF Dugas' boy Brady Quinn can deliver a couple touchdown passes to Edwards, this game is the Tangs to remain in the playoff hunt in the tight AFC East race.

Nov 06, 2008 8:42amNick Wood

ERROR: I apologize, my editor is out this week.
The game of the week comment was supposed to say:
"Just like the Mallards, no key running back (Portis) means no victory for the Beans. IF Dugas' boy Brady Quinn can deliver a couple touchdown passes to Edwards, this may be a nail biter. We believe that won't be the case as the Tangs look to remain in the playoff hunt in the tight AFC East.

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