Sep 30, 2008 4:51pm Bobby Sansone

Chris Davidson


Not starting a QB with the Boys was absolutely unacceptable. I've talked to several other owners and the feeling is likewise. Did you even try to sign Trent Green, Damon Huard or any of the other QBs available?

If the Boys qualify for the Stupor Bowl, I am asking that you decline the invitation and take the 3rd pick in next year's draft as a penalty. Otherwise, dropping one slot in the first round will suffice.

I was hoping we'd never have to come to this but I think we need to add "Integrity Rules" to the Winter Meeting agenda and come up with penalties if you don't at least make an effort to sign and start a QB.

Thoughts from anyone else?


Sep 30, 2008 6:40pmSteve Dugas

Bobby, i agree with you that the time has come for something to be done when teams are making decisions (or lack of decisions) that have ramifications for the rest of the league. I realize i pulled a similar stunt with the Mallard years back when i started Chris Simms instead of picking up Andrew Walter but from that moment on i have put forth the best possible team each week.

Having 3 transactions available with 3 or 4 qbs available and not making a move is unacceptable. QBs and Kickers will always be the most consistent scorers in this league set up and every effort should be made by a team to have one each week that waiver wire moves are allowed and a team has available transactions. The other skill positions are more hit and miss so i can see playing a week without one of them but QBs and Kickers are almost always good for a handful of points.

Had the Big Boys lost by 5 or less and having a QB that threw a score this past weekend would have made a difference the outcome of the game could have had lasting effects, perhaps as far reaching as to who wins our league's championship.

Chris, you had your lineup in well before the waiver wire period ended and you knew you needed a QB, its not like your only QB available was announced as out saturday or sunday similar to carson palmer this weekend. If all your transactions had been used up this would be a non issue, people cant be forced to make trades and deal players or draft picks to fill out a lineup.

Hopefully this will be the last time we see something like this in the YFFL but it does merit some discussion in the offseason. If the rest of the league should decide some sort of penalty is required for this transgression then the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner should convene and come up with the appropriate action.

Oct 01, 2008 12:20pmChris Davidson

Honestly, do what you need to do. If this was a normal league and I could just pick someone up right before the games on Sunday I would have had a quarterback in there. The scheduling of when things have to be in, lack of waiver moves etc. make it difficult with everything else going on in life to make it happen. I tried to get a quarterback but it was too late. I am not trying to throw the season, it was just a matter of running out of time before Friday's deadline. Say what you want to say (which you always do anyways). I don't think they should a lose a pick over it, but if you want to vote on it by all means go ahead. I will make sure it doesn't happen again. My apologies.

Oct 01, 2008 3:28pmJon Kinsman

If anyone has a problem with how the league operates, the Winter Meeting is your forum to introduce it. If you would like to see something changed, write up a proposal and send it to me. I will then present it to the other owners during that time. That way, we can all take part in the discussion and then vote on the issue.

I am not going to take any action in regards to what transpired this past week with lineups. Each owner is free to do what he wants and I'm not about to get into the business of legislating team activity from week-to-week.

However, if I recognize a pattern of behavior that is destructive to the league, you will leave me no choice but to do something about it.

I did not see anything like that this week, and I hope that no owner would put me in the position of having to deal with something like that.

Thanks and remember - have fun.

Oct 01, 2008 9:22pmAnthony Aceto

Very well reasoned, Jon. We may however have to renew the "boner of the year" poll as QB certainly outweighs lowly kicker.

Oct 01, 2008 9:23pmAnthony Aceto

And oh yeah I forgot to say:

"How bout those Whyteboys" - - read in Jimmy Johnson voice

Oct 01, 2008 9:30pmAnthony Aceto

Chris if you need help picking someone on that team to cut/put on IR I'm happy to pick a name out of the hat.

Oct 01, 2008 10:54pmBobby Sansone

a " - " creates swells
apathetic or absorbed?
calm voice leaves no wake

a haiku by bobby sansone

Oct 02, 2008 9:25amNick Wood

Chris, this; "The scheduling of when things have to be in, lack of waiver moves etc. make it difficult with everything else going on in life to make it happen." may mean you need to think about the idea of adding a GM or to simply turn the franchise over to someone who could focus on the week-to-week operations of the Boys. I know Kurty would be ready to step in and do a great job despite their weak chances at doing much this season.

We all know that if that was the Eaters that were missing a QB going into a game and it was because of a bye that you were given an entire season's heads up about, you would have found the time to pick up a QB.

Just one GM's opinion, don't know if any of the owners would agree..

For now though, after this week's rants, we do need to give Chris a break about this subject. Especially because another person in the league neglected to start what Dugas calls a 'key' scoring player in a kicker this past week and no one really made much of a mention about that when it could be seen to be just as important.

Chris did apologize for the misjudgement and we hope something like this does not happen again. IF it does continue, something should be done and Jon has made that clear that something will be.

Oct 02, 2008 9:29amNick Wood

Oh, and Aceto, if you follow Bobby's 'rule' for the forum posts (as seen in a previous Nick's Pick Post), you would know that your comment about the White Guys should have been placed in an entirely new post as it has nothing to do with the topic. Just letting you know before Bobby gets upset with you too.

Oct 02, 2008 6:47pmKevin Sansone

While I am dissappointed that Chris was unable to obtain a QB in time for this Week 4 matchup, I don't believe that there should be any sort of punishment.

I am willing to debate an "Integrity" rule, but i think that it is going to be a rule that is tough to define. What would the boundaries for this rule be? Does it apply to all positions? Does starting Early Doucet twice count as playing without integrity (No offense Steve)? I am intrigued to debate the issue, but honestly--and i hope others agree--i think it is a rule that should never have to be passed. I consider it a privilege to be a member of the best fantasy football league out there and I hope everyone puts in their best effort week to week.

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