Dec 11, 2007 11:06am Bobby Sansone

Reflections on Round 1 Playoff Games

Wow. That will be a week we'll be talking about years from now.

First off, great games and great sportsmanship from everyone involved. It was also nice to see all owners actively interested in both games. I know Steve, Kevin and Jon were all very involved in the games last weekend even though they had no rooting interest. Brian and I were texting each other all afternoon as Brady and Cutler were throwing TD passes left and right. A furious Chris posted a memorable "Open Letter to the League" in the forum. Hopefully, that "Letter" won't dissuade owners from voting him OoY. You hate to see poor sportsmanship at this time in the season. All and all though it was a great weekend in the YFFL.

The Conference Championship games aren't the "sexy" match-ups that everyone had hoped for. No, we won't get to see that highly anticipated Bear - Llamas match-up that we all wanted. We won't get to see the Aceto-Kinsman/Wood matchup that we also all wanted. Instead, we get less intense rivalries that the media will be hard-pressed to find subplots for.

The Beans, White Guys and Llamas are all in search for their first YFFL Championship while the Eaters are in search for their first title in 9 years.

Hats off to Brian Davidson who certainly had a magical year. After an 0-3 start, Davidson and the Bear began to have that "Team of Destiny" momentum and cruised to 9-1 finish to the regular season. I can't help but wonder where this season might have gone for Brian if he had traded for Earnest Graham instead of Julius Jones. Jones will certainly have the better career and likely be a started next year for a team like the Texans or Bengals but could Graham have led the Bear to this year's Super Bowl?

And Hats off to Nick Wood and the Chickens who scared the league silly over the last five weeks of the season. You can't fault him for starting Marshawn Lynch of Jason Whitten, any of us would have done the same. It's ironic though that the week he finally picked the right starting QB is also the week he loses. It should be an interesting off-season for the Chickens though. I think their window is closing and next-year might be their last legitimate shot before L.T. turns 30.

The Eaters and Beans both have tough roads ahead. An season-ending injury to Reggie Bush and the demotion of Travis Henry leaves both teams at a disadvantage. But both teams have had incredible fortune this season. Who would have thought that the Eaters would get TDs from Chris Brown, Bobby Engram and Michael Jenkins this week? Unreal. And what about Jay Cutler throwing for 4 TDs? Last week he had 0. At the 2006 Draft I was faced with a tough decision: Vince Young or Jay Cutler. It's still too early to tell but right now I am feeling good about taking Cutler.

The AFC has been relatively predictable so far this year. If you look back at my AFC Previews, I somehow predicted the exact order of finish correctly for both AFC divisions. The NFC was a different story as I had the White Guys and Beans pegged to finish third. I have no idea how this weekend is going to turn out so I'm not even going to predict the games. I can tell you though I'm not looking forward to waiting until Monday night for Adrian Peterson to play. I'll need a 17 point lead going into MNF to feel somewhat comfortable.


Dec 12, 2007 11:26amBrian Davidson

I have always liked MNF until this year, the Eaters got me twice on Monday's, Bush now Jenkins, oh and I will forever hate Tampa Bay running backs. I'm looking for a Eater vs Bean super bowl, and an owner of the year award for Chris Davidson. No offense to Tony or Bob, but Eaters vs Llamas is your YFFL super bowl, Kev's team was lights out last week while sitting and waiting. Good luck guys! To anyone who cares, I'll be home in Maine from the 21st until the 26th. Oh, and watch out for Baseball Team in 2008!

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