Dec 10, 2007 11:00am Chris Davidson


First of all, I can't believe that my season is riding on Michael Jenkins shoulders, or Bri's on Alge Crumplers for that matter. I looked at the tie-breakes just in case this thing is a tie, and I would like clarification. The first tie-breaker is total TD's, does that include quarterbacks? Because if it does, then we would still be tied. What really bother's me, is the next tie-breaker, quarterback and kicker points. Since when should kickers really have any value in fantasy football. If this is how it plays out, I will go with it but it is a really crappy tie-breaker and one that should be looked at. Most likely in this game I will have more rushing yards, more receiving yards, have better team contribution and still lose because we think kickers and quarterbacks hold more value then any other positions. If this was a yardage league, I would be in control of my own destiny. I should really re-think my drafting strategy of picking tight ends so highly, in fact I need to move kickers way up the list evidently. Just so you know, I was never rooting for the Patriots, I hate watching those bastards. Tom Brady needs to be castrated and kicked in the groin where his nuts used to be repeatedly. Go Indy, and may Michael Jenkins be the Eaters Savior, AMEN!

Dec 10, 2007 3:13pmJon Kinsman

Yes, the total touchdowns tiebreaker includes QBs, so the deciding tiebreaker for this game would be #2 - combined points of QB and K, as established at the Winter Meeting of 2004 (I think). Like any rule, this can be reviewed during the off-season at our next Winter Meeting.

However frustrating it might be, this could be a historic game in YFFL history and a fitting end to a fantastic opening week of playoffs!

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