Nov 19, 2007 3:42pm Brian Davidson

Toss it up

Bear Poop has not lost with Brady in the line-up sense the week 3 79-78 point loss to the Eaters. They face the division leader Llamas in week 12. Bear Poop won the first battle back in week 5, 49-39. Poop has also scored the most points in the league this year. Kevin has his team playing well, the llamas are probably the third best team in the league this year after the Eaters and Poop. With Chester Taylor primed to get the week 12 start, Kevin once again will put out his best line-up of the season. Poop is riding Tom Brady and will score atleast 50 points every week, the problem is with Brees playing well and Andre Johnson back that may not be enough to win. This is one of the biggest American Conference games of the year, the other fizzled back in week 7 when the Llamas beat the Eaters 28-21, I don't see that happening this week. The action gets underway thursday as Joseph Addai, Marion Barber III and Donald Driver will most likely start for the Llamas and Greg Jennings, Jerricho Cotchery, Alge Crumpler and possibly James Jones, Julius Jones, or Brandon Jackson for Poop. The Llamas and Poop will feature no one in the monday night game, so the scoring will be over after Brady plays Philadelphia on Sunday night. Enjoy Thanksgiving guys and good luck to all fighting for a playoff spot, oh, other then you kev, fu#k you and the Llamas!

Nov 19, 2007 4:08pmKevin Sansone

A great match-up it will be indeed. Llamas lineup will look something like this:

Tight End who will score 0
Kicker who will score 2 or less
Barber III

That second reciever spot is up in the air. Fav-re has made it clear that Donald Lee is his go-to target in the red zone, so I may have to give Evans or Crayton a shot

I love the fact that half of the players in this game will be playing on Thanksgiving. i don't love that Comcast took away the NFL network though.

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